UC Health Assessor reported me to DVLA & JCP Overrule Powers


If you saw my twitter timeline on Saturday afternoon you’ll know I had my driving licence revoked. And I didn’t take it well.

To lay a bit of background I’ll explain a few things.

I had a Work Capability Assesment in January of this year. I was found fit to work.

I also had my DVLA health check and was given another 10 year medical license in January with no restrictions.


So, I moved house on the 22nd of February and sent away my license to update the address, as is required. No problems there.

As I still hadn’t gotten it back, I decided on Saturday, 19th May, to give them a call, since they’re open until 2pm.

After navigating the automated menu, which is a mixture of vocal and keypad commands, I reached an advisor.

Upon taking my details she said that; there was no record of having received a change of address request, so she put me on hold to find out more. A few minutes later and I’ve been cold transferred through to the medical team.

Arrogance & heartlessness

She asks me to confirm my new address for security, odd considering I’d just been told they didn’t have it. Then came the shock.

“The reason you’ve not received your license back is because it’s been revoked for non compliance with medical information requests”.

I needed a few seconds to take this in. I was shaking, heart pounding, I just couldn’t believe it. After asking why it was explained:

The Centre for Health Assesments, who did my Universal Credit medical, had reported me for being unfit to drive. (But fit to work). Do the DVLA had written to me to request more information.

  • The DVLA then sent letter 1, on the 21st of February, one day before I moved, asking me to fill in a medical form, and received no reply.

  • 14 days later they sent another letter to my old address, despite having received my change of address request. Obviously they got no reply. In light of this, I was classed as non compliant and my license was revoked without notice.

I explained my situation and their glaring mistakes but, she was having none of it. ‘I should have updated my address quicker the rules are clear etc.’

As it’s been revoked, I have to apply for a whole new licence and go through the medical assessment again. No ifs, no buts. Four months this takes…

Conveniently they had just sent out the relevant forms I need to fill in, that very day. Could be a coincidence, but why wait two months to do it?

I pleaded to have it reinstated as, had I received the original letters, I’d have been allowed to continue driving under section 88 of the Road Traffic Act until the new medical assessment was complete. So why couldn’t I now? Apparently once it’s revoked it can’t be undone.

I was given an email to contact a higher level team who may, look into exceptional circumstances. (That email was sent straight away.)

The DVLA staff member was rude, unsympathetic and blamed me for not updating my address quickly enough. I will contact the DVLA regarding her conduct in due course.

This brings me to my main point.

Medically untrained staff reporting people

Since when did an untrained health assesors opinion overrule a hospital consultant? Plus, they found me fit to work but not to drive, all in one day?

If this is allowed to continue it sets a very dangerous precedent. If a government employee can overrule a professional who’s trained for years, we are in dangerous times.

But, we must remember,they already can.

DWP Hostile Environment

Jobcentre Plus employees can overrule a doctor’s fit note stating: “not fit for any type of activity”. You may not believe that, but I’ll cover it more at a later date, feel free to look it up.

This is proof of a hostile environment being conducted towards the sick and vulnerable by The Department for Work and Pensions.

It needs to change now.


I understand the first letter not being received. But why:

  • send the 2nd to my old address

    when in possession of my new one?

  • Wait 2 months to send the forms I need to apply for my license again?

  • Why no letter informing me I have no driving licence?

There seem to be many; why’s but no answers. I can assure you I am seeking them out and appealing this asap.

What next for me?

The situation for me now is extremely difficult. I live 15 miles away from well, anything. Shops, hospital, etc miles away. My doctor’s surgery is 7 miles away too.

To compound the problem, my local council withdrew the vital bus service our village had, to cut costs. For me to get anywhere now I face; a 3 mile journey along a windey 60mph road with no footpath, to get to my nearest bus stop, which also happens to be a verge. All totally useless and dangerous to a wheelchair user. Or

Getting my disabled father who’s on oxygen to come and get me, which I refuse to put him through.

I was upset at first but now I’m angry. I will keep you all updated as events develop.

Stay safe

Alex @RespectIsVital

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  • Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    I’m fuming on your behalf my friend.
    We, the sick and disabled, really must vocalise ourselves (as you do) and publicise the treatment we get from these unqualified assessors overruling fully trained medical professionals such as our Consultants, Emergency Doctors, GPs, Nurses, Physio’s,Mental Health Teams etc.
    The DWP’s agents such as Maximus, Atos, Crapita etc give their WCA assessors 1 week’s classroom “training” before passing them off as fully qualified Health Care Professionals and this is wrong, legally,morally and ethically.
    I know you’ll have along fight ahead of you and wish you all the very best of luck.
    In Solidarity

    • That you. It’s a constant battle ain’t it. But I’m not giving up we need to unite together and force change. People cannot keep being allowed to die.

      I’m with you all the way my friend

  • Kerry o'mahoney

    Omg soooo shocking. I hope you fight this all the way ! Good luck mate

  • ah the dreaded hcp highly trained mind the dwp jcp staff another trained assassins in taking away your benefits rights aktion t4 rolling along without much of a ado. try using your mp in your fight but dvla is run by crapita most people don’t now this American company revolving doors back handers to our very own government jeff3

  • They (DWP) did something very similar to my chronically ill disabled friend, who I care for, a few years back under IDS’s ‘hostile environment’ towards disabled. My friend was receiving Income Support and had to move to cheaper address due to unaffordability after trying to live on benefits for years which do not keep up with costs.
    I wrote to tell DWP of the change of address. Got no response. So wrote again No response. Unbeknown to me the DWP had closed that central processing office in Warrington and moved it to Northern Ireland.
    I then got a forwarded letter from DWP sent to the old address saying the claim had been closed due to not answering some form or other – this had the new DWP address in NI at the top so I wrote and explained I’d twice advised them of the change of address using the DWP contact address of the existing claim.
    They just said they’d never received my letters as that DWP centre had closed! So hard luck.
    No acceptance that it was their fault for shutting their office and not informing claimants registered with them of THEIR change of address!
    The DWP are a disgrace.
    My friend lost 6 months of income they were legally entitled to. And DWP did not give a damn.
    It’s as if they know people on Income Support are on the bottom rung of the ladder, but they have no qualms kicking them off at the first opportunity with no regard to fairness or justice.

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  • Ruthless Tories and their Agent’s always puts endless Bureaucracy & Red Tape against the Vulnerable & Needy,
    Instead of doing it to Greedy Rich Tax Dodgers etc !