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The poem that sums up Foodbanks and Universal Credit in a nutshell

Universal Credit Foodbank Universal Credit Sufferer

Foodbanks and Universal Credit are never far from the headlines. Usually it’s report¬† blasting the government’s flagship welfare policy or the latest figures showing that foodbank use has rocketed. Like her previous poems Nicola Tiffin is explaining current events through poetry and this one covers the entire debacle of Universal Credit and foodbanks in a nutshell. Please share if you

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#FoodBankChallenge Summer Holiday Campaign Launches

Although the #FoodBankChallenge is doing well, I’ve decided to launch a summer holiday campaign to help boost donations for their busiest time of year. Well the #FoodBankChallenge has wielded some fantastic results for foodbanks across the UK and, even abroad. However, we cannot get complacent. It’s one thing to get a short term boost in donations, but it’s regular donations

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