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Tear Gas Canisters at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

What is happening in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Gaza Strip is unacceptable. Over the past week hundreds of Palestinian civilians have been injured in Jerusalem whilst trying to celebrate Ramadan. Children have been killed in the Gaza Strip and Palestinians are facing eviction at Sheikha Jarrah to allow the construction of another illegal Israeli settlement.

If you think it’s time for the UK Government to take action to save Palestinian lives, you can email the Foreign Secretary and Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office via this form. Just click to read the email content and if you’re happy, add your name and click send.

For too long the International Community has stood by and done nothing, it’s time for that to change.

The UK Government Must Act on Human Rights Abuses Against Palestinians

Dear Foreign Secretary,

As you are aware, there has been a significant and serious flare up of tensions in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and The Gaza strip.

Over the past week, worshippers at the Al Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem, have come under sustained attack by Israeli security forces. It is even more significant given it is Ramadan. Images of bloodied Palestinians and hundreds of tear gas canisters have been beamed across the world.

The Israeli Government has claimed the Mosque was being used as a "military stronghold" and that they had no choice but to act. However, aa can be seen, the security forces actions have done nothing more than to terrorise innocent men and women and inflame already high tensions. Their actions have been completely disproportionate and dangerous.

As you well know, the Mosque Compound is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been significantly damaged as a result of the recent violence. Stained glass windows over 200 years old lay in pieces. I therefore ask that the UK Government pledges money towards the repair of this unique and important historical site.

As a result of the violence in Jerusalem, Hamas has claimed responsibility for the firing of hundreds of rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip. I wholeheartedly condemn these attacks which endanger the lives of Israelis and Palestinians alike.

In response to these attacks, the IDF has responded by bombing what it calls "terrorist targets" inside the Gaza Strip. However, as has been widely reported, many civilians including several children have been injured or killed. In one instance today, 11 May, a residential tower block in Gaza was struck and destroyed by IDF warplanes.

These retaliatory attacks by The Israeli Government are only increasing tensions by killing innocent civilians. Furthermore, it's not even clear if some "targets" are military in nature at all.

The Prime has previously mentioned that a post Brexit Britain will be a world leader on calling out injustices. I ask that he now follows through on that pledge.

I call on the UK Government to contact the Israeli Government calling on them to cease "liquidation" operations in the Gaza Strip. It should be made clear that any further loss of civilian life, may warrant serious actions by HM Government.

I do not deny that Israel has a right to self defence, but I like many others do expect it to be proportional and not risk of mass loss of civilian casualties or deaths. You should also call on them to allow easier access to Gaza for medical aid.

Finally, I wish to raise the issue if what is happening at Sheikha Jarrah in East Jerusalem.

On May 7, UN Rights Office spokesman Rupert Colville told reporters in Geneva that the evictions of Palestinians to build a new settlements may amount to a "war crime". This is extremely serious and warrants firm action. For decades the International Community has rightly condemned the expansion and construction of illegal Israeli settlements, but has done absolutely nothing to try and stop it. The time has come for the UK Government to stand up for international law and the human rights of Palestinians.

I call on you and the Government to issue an ultimatum to the Israeli Government. It must be made clear that any further settlement expansion or construction will bring heavy sanctions.

If we can sanction Russia for supporting separatists in Eastern Ukraine, the same should apply to Israel for the blatant human rights abuses and potential war crimes.

It is time for the International Community to stand by its pledge of "Never Again".

Palestinians like Israelis have the right to live in peace and security. At the moment, only Israelis have that luxury. It is time that this changes. The UK has the opportunity to take the lead here, please don't wait until it's too late.

Things have escalated to a point where the UN Security Council should seriously consider the deployment of peacekeeping forces. This would ensure both parties are protected. UN Forces could work to stop rocket attacks in Israel from Gaza, and importantly protect Palestinians who just want to live and worship in peace. Hamas has previously been open to this.

This action has the power to change the status quo and kick-start peace for Israelis and Palestinians. Both parties would then have equal rights and an impartial force to de-escalate tensions.

Yours Sincerely

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