EXC – Israel & Saudi Arabia Quietly Agree to Normalise Ties

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EXCLUSIVE – Representatives from Israel and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia quietly agreed to normalise ties on 27th June 2022. The agreement, which is broad in nature, is a landmark moment for Middle East politics. It will see the two countries, along with regional allies, work together to combat the threat from Iran, whilst equally being less reliant on Western help, namely from The United States.

I have received exclusive information from an advisor to a regional ally of both Israel and Saudi Arabia regarding their decision to normalise ties. The preliminary agreement, which is expected to be gradually rolled out, looks to see Saudi Arabia, Israel and UAE work closely on regional security, trade and combating extremism.

The advisor told me:

“On the evening of the 27th June 2022, a preliminary normalisation agreement with Israel was approved by a senior leader in Saudi Arabia. This agreement had content spanning diplomatic, military and economic domains. This comes after four years of track-1.5 diplomacy efforts by senior advisors and diplomats within the Israeli, UAE and Saudi governments, and did not include any American presence.

“At the forefront of the Kingdom’s thinking is the threat posed by US embrace of extremism in the region from Qatar, Afghanistan and Iran, a failure to stand by its agreements, and the long-term damage American imperialism has caused in the region. Equally, the Kingdom’s leadership is keen to further advance their highly innovative economy and ensure the continued safety and prosperity of the Saudi people.

“The Saudis have pursued a robust set of protections for the Palestinian people, as well as encouraging Jordan and Lebanon to treat Palestinians appropriately and protect their rights to live and prosper. The continued attempts of actors from Qatar, Iran and IS-related groups to further radicalise Palestinians must be countered to create a fertile ground for meaningful forward steps for the Israel-Palestine peace process.

“A new era of Middle East relations is afoot, with the Saudi-Emirati-Israeli coalition dynamic at its heart. Combined, these forces outmanoeuvre any and all adversaries and have no need to rely on weak commitments from states intent on appeasing extremism.

“It is expected that the public roll out of this deal will occur gradually.”

It is somewhat unsurprising The United States had no input given Joe Biden’s lack of interest in the region since coming to power, but it will be a major embarrassment ahead of November’s midterm elections.

The Kingdom had dragged it’s feet on signing, until a written promise not to expand Settlements in the occupied West Bank was given by Israeli negotiators. What other protections it sought for Palestinians will be unveiled over time.

The agreement will send shockwaves through the Middle East and beyond. It is clear that the threat felt from Iran and Qatar accelerated an agreement many have seen coming for some time. The shift away from the United States comes as the Biden administration moved to concentrate on the Asia Pacific region as well as to countering Russia.

Tne Israeli Foreign Ministry refused to comment on whether the deal was done, but refused to deny it either.

At the time of publishing, no reply had been received from the Saudi Government.

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