Johnson To Stand Down, But Intends To Stay Until Autumn

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to stand down as Conservative leader, but he intends to carry on as Prime Minister until the autumn. Johnson is expected to make a resignation speech at midday setting out the steps to choose his successor. However, the events of the past 24 hours have led man Conservative MPs to call for an interim PM such as Deputy PM Dominic Raab or former PM Theresa May.

Attorney General Suella Braverman has already thrown her hat into the ring, and more will certainly follow. The pressing question is now is whether Johnson should remain in place.

It’s been a roller coaster 36 hours, but it appears we finally have clarity as to whether Boris Johnson will be quitting. With that done, following an embarrassing intervention by his new Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi, thoughts move to choosing his successor

It isn’t unusual for an outgoing Prime Minister to remain in post until their replacement is chosen. However, there is widespread unease at allowing Johnson that luxury, many Tory MPs simply don’t trust him after his recent actions. Plans may change as MPs have a think over the weekend.

The Conservative 1922 committee will meet on Monday to set out a timetable for a leadership election. Perhaps then we will have some clarity, but until then government, and by extension Parliament, are barely functioning.

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