UN Withdraw Job Offer to Matt Hancock

Just 4 days ago, former Health Health Secretary Matt Hancock was proudly tweeting he’d been offered a role on The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). In a dramatic turnaround it appears that following a public backlash at the appointment, the United Nations has withdrawn that offer.

Non profit news organisation PassBlue, who are based in the UN Press Corps, last night wrote that the ECA had withdrawn it’s offer to Matt Hancock and advised him of this.

Just days before Mr Hancock had tweeted a letter he had received offering him employment, along with his response, see below:

Credit: Twitter/@MattHancock

Former UN Information Officer Noreen O’Gallagher shared on Twitter that the UN had withdrawn the offer and later revealed it had not gone through the proper channels. See below.

Credit: Twitter/@NOGallagher

The appointment had caused considerable upset as it was announced on the same day a cross party report found that the UK government had poorly handled the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, something Matt Hancock himself was at the forefront in as then position as Health Secretary.

Many were also outraged that mere weeks after being forced to resign for breaking lockdown rules to have an affair with an aid, Mr Hancock was being given a job on the International stage.

In an awkward twist, Mr Hancock appears to have already updated his LinkedIn profile to list his new role.

Credit: LinkedIn
Credit: LinkedIn

At the time of writing Matt Hancock’s acceptance tweet and many congratulatory tweets from friends including Ministers of State, remain on his timeline.

Mr Hancock was contacted for comment.

Please check out women led non profit news organisation PassBlue who first reported this story.

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