Evacuation OF Kabul – Twitter Thread

When Kabul first fell to the Taliban, I started at thread detailing what is happening. I have continued posting to it Ocer several days now. There are currently 196 tweets containing images and video from Kabul Afghanistan. I am posting them here to act as an archive.

@Channel4News have reported that the UK ambassador to Afghanistan, Laurie Bristow, has remained at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport and is personally processing visas for Afghans wishing to escape to the United Kingdom.

He doesn’t intend to leave until the end.

Channel 4 Report including comment on Laurie Bristow processing visas at Kabul Airport. Video Poster

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As evacuations continue on Kabul, civilians flood the runway every time a plane tries to land or depart.

US forces has resorted to using Helicopters to herd people from the strip.

Desperate Afghans are clinging to UK & US military planes as they take off from Kabul Airport.

Sadly people are losing their lives after falling when the landing gear retracts.

The runway is totally insecure and pilots are unaware of people literally clinging to the outside.

Apache AH64 gunships are continuously trying to get people off the sole runway at Kabul Airport so Transport Aircraft can take off.

The delay is enabling people to climb on just before departure.

The airstrip itself is not secure. Only military hanger area.

As of 50 minutes ago, Taliban fighters were on the high ground overlooking the military side of Kabul Airport.

No reports of serious attacks on NATO aircraft as of yet, but some Small arms fire described as “pot shots” is occurring.

A RAF Boeing C-17A Globemaster III #NAG62XT is on another run to Kabul Airport from Minhad Airbase in UAE.

Just entering Pakistan airspace now. Iran overflights are not permitted by NATO aircraft.

2 USAF Boeing B-52H Stratofortress’ have been circling off Dubai for the past 2 hours after previously linking up with a Air to Air tanker to refuel.

Two flew over Afghanistan last night, but unsure if any munitions were dropped.

#610002 #adsb

Current situation at unguarded and insecure civilian area of Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul vs the US Guarded Military area of the Airport.

Half the Airport 8s secure, the runway and civilian terminal are NOT.

Credit: Unknown & Shakib Rahmani of @AFPphoto

I’m not posting any footage of Afghan Civilians falling from US & UK Military Transport planes, nor anything showing dead bodies.

The Afghan people have been exploited enough throughout this war.

That’s just my stance. I understand others see it a newsworthy, just not me.

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NEW – Soldiers from the US 82nd Airborne Division are having to push back Afghans attempting to break into the secured area of Kabul Airport.

Until now, confrontations had be limited and more verbal than anything.

An Indian Air Force C-17 landed at Kabul Airport, 5pm Afghanistan time. 2pm BST.

They are plan to evacuate 500 Indian Consular Staff to Delhi as soon as possible.

BREAKING- United States troops have shot dead “at least two armed men” who approached Kabul International Airport’s security perimeter

Source: US military official to New York Times

The Uzbekistan Defence Ministry say its air defence forces shot down an Afghan military jet after it crossed their border last night.

1 Afghan servicemen with a parachute was taken to hospital.

84 ANA soldiers have been detained after crossing in foot.


1 US Servicemen has sustained a gunshot wound at Kabul Airport, but is described to be in a stable condition by US defence sources.

It is not linked to the 2 Afghans shot dead bybUS forces earlier.

Armed Taliban fighters are now watching over people entering the civilian side of Kabul Airport.

It is being done under the guise of “providing security”.

US Central Command has met with Taliban representatives in Qatar to request they don’t interfere with the evacuations and to setup a deconflictation mechanism. 👇

New high-res #satellite imagery from @Maxar showing Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport in #Afghanistan. Taken at 10:36am local time, 7:06am BST.

This is the civilian side of the airport.

A German General has said a one of their Air Force transport aircraft was unable to land at Kabul Airport and was forced to divert to Tashkent in Uzbekistan.

They are waiting in direction from the US commanding the Afghan airstrip.

BREAKING – Taliban fighters are firing on Afghans attempting to climb the perimeter wall of Kabul Airport.

Numerous casualties have occurred.

Footage from 4 hours showing crowds on the civilian side of Kabul Airport in #Afghanistan.

This was taken from inside the secured area of the airport as can be seen by the razor wire.

*Name covered for safety reasons.

NEW – The Taliban have setup a vehicle checkpoint on the approach road to Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

They are already using Armoured Personnel Carriers captured from the Afghan National Army (ANA).

Footage from 6:43pm local time, 3:13pm BST.

A Taliban gunman is sitting at the intersection of Airport Roaf just by the entrance to Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

More and more militants moving closer to the civilian side of the airport which is unguarded.

Currently inbound to Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan:

USAF KC-130J Hercules #169072
USAF C-17A Globemaster III #044134
French Air Force Airbus A400M #0010

Taliban Leader and co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, has declared himself #Afghanistan‘s new president and as expected, changed the country’s official name to; “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

China has signalled it may move to quickly recognise the new regime as legitimate

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar had been in Pakistanin prison since 2010, but was released at the request of then US President Donald Trump as he believed Baradar could help broker peace in #Afghanistan.

He met with then Secretary if State Mike Pompeo in September 2020, below.

French President Emmanuel Macron has taken a completely different stance on Afghan refugees than most world leaders.

He is vowing to setup a system to keep them OUT of the EU completely.

The xenophobia has begun before they’ve even been rescued.

BREAKING – Turkey drops Kabul airport plans but will assist if Taliban ask.

Turkish security officials state they will only provide assistance if asked by the Taliban government. They’d been due to take over Kabul Airport security in September.


The biggest Military Transport planes are designed to carry up to 189 passengers.

As can be seen below, (US flight last night), they are taking as many as they can physically fit onboard.

Note: Weight wise this is fine, the max capacity relates to seated & belted passengers.

I have been scouring all available #OSINT sources as well as contacting people in Kabul, #Afghanistan so as to bring you the most relevant & often unseen elements of the evacuation.

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Here is an overview of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, #Afghanistan.

When the US Military say they have “secured the airport”, what they actually mean is the Military side.

The Taliban are now inside the civilian side.

The runway is also not secured, hence chaos.

A family hopes for rescue, Hamid Karzai International Airport, Kabul, #Aghanistan.

Monday 16 August 2021.

NEW – US President Joe Biden addressed the nation to say he stands by his decision to withdraw from #Afghanistan.

Talking about the delay to evacuate, he blames the Afghans.

“Afghans did not want to leave earlier,”

He says he told Ghani to negotiate with the Taliban.

Biden on defending Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan during the evacuation:

“We’ve made it clear to the Taliban if they attack our personnel, or disrupt our operation our response will be swift and forceful,”

“We will defend our people with devastating force if necessary.”

Biden on future #Afghanistan policy

“continue to push for diplomacy”

“I’ve been clear, human rights must be the centre of our foreign policy, but the way to do it is not through endless military deployments”

NEW – State Department spokesman Ned Price has said US Nationals or Afghans at risk should NOT go to Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan to seek evacuation.

They should contact the State Department by whatever means is suitable for them.

State Department spokesman Ned Price:

“We are engaging with the Taliban via their people in Doha”.

“We have had constructive talks about ensuring the evacuation goes smoothly, but will not tolerate any intimidation or aggression.”

Ned Price on whether they’ll recognise the Taliban as legitimate government of Afghanistan.

Says the US will assess this based on their human rights policies & ability to stop terrorism.

4 times cites UNSC statement calling for cessation of violence & to respect human rights.

Ned Price on loss of intelligence gathering ability in #Afghanistan.

“We have plenty of options in theatre via over horizon capabilities,

“We will utilise technology to continue to disrupt any terrorist activity”

While US Forces remained at Kabul Airport or used helicopters, British Soldiers from The Second Battalion, Parachute Regiment, (2 PARA), went into Kabul in vehicles to collect British Nationals from secure locations before taking them to the airport.

Strange activity at Kabul Airport, #Afganistan as 3 small Quest Kodiak 100 Turboprop aircraft, (see photo for reference), taxied from the civilian side of the airport to the secured military side.

Separately, a US Navy Lockheed KC-130J Hercules callsign #CREEP57 just landed.

NOW – Kabul Airport, #Afganistan.

US Troops have taken the riding up and down the runway in jeeps firing warning shots to disperse civilians so aircraft can take off and land.

Footage from 2:33am local time, 11:03pm BST.

US President Biden has just tweeted standing by his decision to pull out.

Many are noting it’s the manner of the withdrawal he got wrong, and his refusal to accept that point is what is puzzling them.

#MOOSE70, a Boeing C-17A Globemaster III from the USAF’s 437th Airlift Wing has departed UAE for Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

US troops are onboard & intend to increase security around Kabul’s runway & taxiways.

While US & UK Military transport planes continue their shuttle runs in and out of Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan, the Australian Defence Minister has refused to let RAAF planes land until the security is satisfactory.


#SPEAR12 is an interesting aircraft inbound to Kabul Airport, #Afganistan.

It’s a Lockheed C-130 Hercules reg: #N3796B, operated by Gulf Air Group.

Gulf Air Group is a civilian company who “allegedly” are the CIA’s airline. They are listed as a military aircraft at this time.

That’s the end of my coverage of #Afghanistan until morning.

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#KabulAirlift #OSINT

Last night, an Airbus A400M of the German Luftwaffe evacuated just 7 people from Kabul Airport #Afghanistan.


The German Foreign Ministry states only 7 were on the evacuation list.



The Luftwaffe Airbus A400M took off from Kabul Airport #Afghanistan with just 5 German Consular Staff, one civilian German national and a solitary Afghan translator.

German media is reporting widespread outrage at the decision not to help more.

#AfghanistanBurning #KabulAirlift

The Taliban has announced a “general amnesty” for all “government officials who helped the occupiers” (ISAF Forces).

Many are questioning the truthfulness of this given local officials, translators and ANA soldiers across Afghanistan have been murdered by incoming Taliban Forces

Military contractor showing the weapons and equipment abandoned by the Afghan National Army (ANA) at Kabul Airport, #Afganistan.

People are still climbing the wall in Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

They are doing this to avoid the Taliban checkpoints.

The Vice President of Afghanistan, pre Taliban takeover, has declared himself the caretaker President of Afghanistan.

Constitutionally this is correct however, given the situation & Foreign states are already in talks with the Taliban, it’s moot.

100 soldiers and support arms from 3 Scots, The Black Watch 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 are to deploy to Kabul Airport in #Afghanistan on Thursday to help evacuate British Nationals and Afghans at risk.

They will leave from their base at Fort George in Inverness departing via RAF Lossiemouth.

At the North Gate to Kabul Airport’s secure area, Afghans are begging US forces to them through the gates otherwise the Taliban will come and will behead them.

A RAAF 🇦🇺 C-130J Hercules aircraft landed at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, #Afghanistan last nights and departed at around 1am local time, 18 August 2021 with 26 evacuees onboard.

US State Department is asking all US Nationals & eligible Afghans across the country to make their way to the North Gate of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, #Afghanistan.

They cannot guarantee security at any time inside tne country.

NEW – Footage of US Forces from the 82nd Airbourne Division patrolling the taxiway on the military side of Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

Thousands of civilians remain alongside the runway.

IMPORTANT NUMBERS FOR UK AND AFGHANS seeking evaluation from #Afghanistan.

UK Embassy also arranging evacuation for Irish citizens

Emergency handling centre:

+44 190 851 6666
+93 (0) 700 102 000

#OSINT #KabulAirlift

EXCLUSIVE #kabulairport #Afghanistan

Friction at airport between US & UK forces Commanders.

US forces won’t leave airport due to Taliban deal.

2 Para still running patrols into Kabul to collect people from safe houses.

US unhappy with Paras saying it puts their deal at risk.

Things are so bad between US and UK forces at Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan, 2 Para have been tasked to observe US forces in case they leave at short notice.

2 Para OC had a screaming match with 82nd Airbourne CO.

Paras VERY unhappy at treatment of Afghans by US forces.

Meanwhile, 2 Para are running constant patrols into Kabul to collect British, Irish and Afghan Nationals due for evacuation.

Any other nationality also picked up if at location. Taliban are aware of patrols and taking no action.

UK forces very much running own operation. #OSINT

A message from UK Ambassador to Afghanistan Laurie Bristow.

He is still on the ground at Kabul Airport processing visas.

Pictures of the Temporary UK Embassy at Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

Staff requested to remain so they could help as many people as possible escape. #KabulAirlift

Priti Patel may only want 5000 Afghans this year, but UK Troops on the ground have orders to:

“Ignore numbers and get as many people out as possible.”

They’ve been told by diplomats that the Home Office can sort out paperwork later.

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#KabulAirlift #OSINT

US Rank & File Soldiers at Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan are incandescent at the position taken by US Central Command regarding evacuations.

They are extremely frustrated they can’t join 2 Para & the small army of military contractors they’ve assembled to rescue people in Kabul.

UK Diplomats at Kabul Airport last night requested if Australian & German planes use empty space on their aircraft to take British evacuees, no answer was given and Luftwaffe plane left with 7 people & RAAF plane with 26.

UK had offered to pay for dropping off at UK bases.

My sources are Diplomats, soldiers & intelligence officials on the ground at Kabul Airport as well as from Whitehall.

Everything I post is corroborated via 2 separate sources. If I canot confirm, I won’t post. Some things I won’t post due to operational security.

Also, if you wonder why I come & go while reporting, I care for my disabled son after school finishes on week days so had to pop away to attend to him.

This issue is extremely close toy heart, I lost friends from my Regiment in Afghanistan & the unfolding events are terrible

German Air Force has stepped up evacuation efforts at Kabul Airport after confusion last night.

Many more Afghans at risk evacuated to Germany.

While the area around the perimeter of Kabul Airport is hectic and dangerous, inside the secure zone on tnd military side is much more calm.

Water is provided to everyone as soon as they’re inside the base.

U.S. Army – 10th Mountain Division this evening at Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul, #Afghanistan.

BREAKING- The Afghan embassy in Tajikistan has asked Interpol to detain former President Ashraf Ghani, Hamdallah Mohib and Fazal Mahmood Fazli on charges of stealing public funds.

They are claiming Ghani left Afghanistan with millions of dollars of public money.

Biden IGNORED Mark Milley’s request to keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan, Lloyd Austin’s warning withdrawal wouldn’t provide any assurances against a Taliban takeover and Pentagon fears of Afghan soldiers folding, report claims dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9…

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani: “I’m in the UAE. I am currently consulting to return to Afghanistan and fight for sovereignty of Afghanistan.”

Afghan Embassies across the world have been signalling he is no longer President after he fled.

“Russian Road” leading up to Kabul Airport, #Afganistan at 6:05pm local time.

Area grows busier as Afghans from outside the capital begin to arrive hoping to escape.

RE my past. I became a journalist as a media outlet intentionally missed out a part of my case which led the far-right fire bombing my home.

I was admonished, (no sentence given) due to me attempting suicide by cop in 2017

ALL the facts matter, not some

From early afternoon outside Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

People are so desperate they are trying to hand over their children so they can at least escape the country.

No words.

Afghan refugees evacuated by the German Air Force after landing in Uzbekistan.

The Uzbeks have offered a transit area to help out.

Situation at the North Gate of Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan at 11:37pm local time.

This is the entrance to the area secured by US Troops.

Scene from inside the secure zone at Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan this evening.

This is just outside the terminal on the military side (North) of Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Those seeking evacuation will ge processed by relevant Embassy inside for a flight out.

From earlier this evening at Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

US troops helped a woman over the perimeter wall into the secure zone. The troops on the ground do want to help as many people as possible. It must be remembered it’s not their fault for the situation, its politician’s.

An example of the multi national effort going into the #KabulAirlift in Afghanistan.

• 🇬🇧 RAF KC Voyager
• 🇹🇷 Turkish Air Force Airbus A400M
• 🇪🇸 Spanish Air Force Airbus A400M
• 🇺🇸 USAF Boeing C-17A Globemaster III
• 🇷🇴 Romanian Air Force C-130B Hercules

Panjshir Valley 2 days ago

Approximately 70 vehicles with Northern Alliance flags pass through Zaman Kor toward Tawakh.

Panshir Valley is one of the few remaining areas not fully under Taliban control.

Unconfirmed reports several villages in province retaken since Tuesday.

BREAKING – Situation outside Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan is escalating right now.

Smoke and stun grenades in use, although unsure by whom.

NEW – Taliban militants nearby the North Gate of Kabul Airport, #Afghanishtan firing and using stun and smoke grenades on crowds attempting to escape the country.

This contradicts recent US Cent Comm claim Taliban are allowing safe & unhindered passage.

Footage from Taliban held Mazari Sharif in Northern Afghanistan at about 4pm local time, August 18th.

Streets very quiet and women can be seen in full Burkah or Hijab.

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I have tried to post information & footage not widely reported elsewhere in real-time.

I’m working extremely hard to get corroborated information from those on the ground.

Britain fears US forces may pull out of Kabul airport within days.

This goes towards corroborating what I said about 2 Para being worried US may exit quickly.

Indicates US not keeping UK forces in loop, as I previously said and was called a liar.

ABC reporter at Civilian side of Kabul airport, #Afghanistan which is not guarded by US or UK forces:

“more chaos than before. Evacuees unable to get through. Taliban wild and dangerously firing and beating civilians.”

So much for safe passage.

Photos released by Turkish Ministry of Defence.

They state they resumed activity and evacuations at Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan on August 17th as the airfield was now secured.

Inside secure zone of Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

Embassy Officials from numerous countries are working 24/7 to process as many people as possible for flights out of the country.

Some food & water is being provided to everyone inside the secure area.

US President Joe Biden interview on Abc News

Stephanopolous: “We’ve seen Afghans falling -“
Biden: “That was four days ago, five days ago.” (It was 2 days ago)

When asked if it could have been handled better Biden says “no I don’t think it could have.”

US President Joe Biden also said that he is committed to keeping U.S. troops at Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan until every American is evacuated.

This contrasts with the UK Ministry of Defence who are worried US may exit rapidly with no notice.

UK Diplomats & MoD officials are concerned that they will not be able to evacuate hundreds of Afghans who assisted UK forces due to their distance from Kabul.

UK main base of operations was Helmand Province some 433 miles, 698km away and now fully under Taliban control.

🇬🇧 RAF Lockheed C-130J Hercules #NAG72XT returning to Doha from Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

🇬🇧 RAF Boeing C-17A Globemaster III #NAG84XT returning to Doha from Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

🇬🇧 RAF Airbus KC2 Voyager #RRR2886 inbound to Doha from RAF Brize Norton.

The KC2 can be used as an Air to Air Refuelling Tanker & for passenger transport.

🇨🇦 Two RCAF C-17 Globemaster III ate to begin flights to Kabul Airport, #Afganistan as part of Op Aegis.

They will be evacuating Canadian nationals and Afghans who assisted their armed forces on operations.

Canada has pledged to resettle 20,000 Afghans.

On @Snapchat Maps (Snap Map) kids are spoofing their GPS to pretend they’re in Kabul, #Afghanistan and the map is now flooded with Fortnite screenshots, vile jokes about refugees falling from planes and people joking about getting the Taliban with the nerf guns.

NEW Footage taken from the high ground to the north of Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

Taken at approximately 7pm local time, 3:30pm BST.

As can be heard, gunshots are audible for long periods of time.

ATTENTION ALL those who called me a liar when I said 2 Para was entering Kabul to rescue British, Irish and Afghan Nationals.

Are you happy now it’s verified by “big media”?

I stand by EVERYTHING I’ve reported. Having a past shouldn’t mean I can’t grow.

Hopefully now it’s confirmed UK forces have been going into Kabul, #Afghanistan to rescue people, my reporting won’t be questioned at every turn because I’m “just a guy on Twitter” or “oh he was bad once so he must be bad now”.

I take reporting seriously

Over the past 48 hours, the elite tactical unit of the French Police, RAID, have made multiple trips into Kabul to rescue people sheltering in the French Embassy.

So far, they have taken 216 French and Foreign nationals to the secure area of Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

That concludes my reporting on events in Kabul, #Afghanistan until the morning as it is 1:43am here in Scotland.

I will resume again later today in full force.

Thank you to everyone who has liked, shared & supported me either emotionally or financially.


One last before bed.

A Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force) 🇪🇸 Airbus A400M collected “at least 50” Afghan Nationals from Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan yesterday.

They were flown to Dubia before on to Torrejón Air base in Spain.

Photos from Spain MoD.

🇧🇪 Belgium Air Component (Air Force) Airbus A400M #BAF640 inbound to Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

US Forces pose for the camera as automatic gunfire rings out across Kabul Airport, #Afganisthan.

More terrifying scenes unfolding on tne road leading up to Kabul Airport, #Afganisthan today.

Taliban militants looking over a haul of Afghan National Army (ANA) weapons and ammunition they captured on Monday.

The Taliban appear to have had enough of events at Kabul Airport, #Afganisthan as they’re now ordering all Afghans at the airport to go home.

This change comes ad they are increasing violence and intimidation towards those on the roads leading up to tne airport.

Don’t say Afghans in Kabul, #Afganisthan are happy about the Taliban taking over.

More and more signs of resistance are beginning to show.

Taliban are still trying to clear people from the roads around Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan with warning shotaand smoke.

They’re ordered everyone to go home.

Footage from approximately 3:15pm local time, 11:45 BST.

#AfghanWoman are leading the way in protesting against the Taliban in Kabul, #Afghanistan.


More confirmation of the tensions between US and UK forces which I reported over 34 hours ago now and was called liar on.

Further corroboration on my report that the US aren’t telling the UK when they will leave Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

Taliban commander slapping a militants firing warning shots on the road to Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

The Taliban leadership continues to claim safe passage so this isn’t helpful to their image.

#Afghanistan: Afghan National Youth Team footballer Zaki Anwari died in fall from US plane at Kabul Airport

The 19-year-old reportedly climbed onto a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III that was about to depart from Kabul Airport.

Afghans evacuated to Germany by 🇩🇪 German Air Force describe terrifying scenes at Kabul Airport. lnkd.in/ee-APnE2

Last night I reported 🇫🇷 RAID Elite Police and GIGN SF operators had evacuated 216 people from the French Embassy in Kabul, #Afghanistan.

Earlier today, hundreds gathered there in hope of being picked up on the STILL continuing rescue missions. 🇫🇷

Source: @euronews

Footage from inside the secure zone of Hamid Karzai International Airport, Kabul, #Afghanistan.

As can be seen, the operation is running much more smoothly and the runway is now completely secure.

Footage from earlier today, August 19th 2021, show British Soldiers from 16 Air Assault Brigade including those from 2 Para & the Royal Artillery at Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

Vehicles & razor wire used as a barricade can be seen & the Taliban are directly on the other side.

Airport Road, Kabul, #Afghanistan late afternoon August 19 2021.

Thousands are Still arriving at Hamid Karzai International Airport hoping to be allowed on an evacuation flight out of Taliban held Afghanistan.

Numbers are increasing rather than decreasing.

A British Officer from 2 Para engaging with a local Taliban commander near the entrance of the secure area of Kabul Airport, #Afganisthan earlier today, August 19 2021.

Source: @NewsHour

The Taliban have begun rounding up Afghans on a blacklist of people they believe have worked in key roles in the previous government of #Afghanistan or with U.S.ll led forces that supported it, according to a report by a Norwegian intelligence group. reuters.com/world/asia-pac…

Pentagon confirming they’re not coordinating evacuation with anyone else including allies.

What a mess.

US troops take a baby over the wire into the secure area of Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

Troops on the ground are having to deal with some truly challenging conditions they probably never expected to ever experience.

As a father, this breaks my heart. What a world we live in.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

‘U.S. troops do not have the capability to help get people to the airport in #Afghanistan‘s capital Kabul to be evacuated as they are focused on securing the airfield’.

Meanwhile 20 🇫🇷 police officers are still going


The Pentagon was pressed Thurs to explain why the U.S. isn’t rescuing Americans outside Kabul airport when British Paratroopers are

“At this time, our main mission continues to be to secure HKIA, to allow those US citizens & other SIVs to come in & be processed at the airfield.”

Flights from Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan are still leaving EMPTY despite thousands queuing outside the airport.

Confirmation from the Pentagon that US flights have been leaving Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan half EMPTY.

This contrasts with claims of taking as many as physically possible.

British Ambassador to #Afghanistan “Sir Laurie Bristow & a team of diplomats have set up an emergency Consul operation at Kabul airport that could remain in place until the end of the month”

As previously reported, Bristow plans to stay until the very end

The Political Spokesman for the Taliban has said the 🇩🇪 German Ambassador #Afghanistan met with their 🇦🇫 delegation to discuss mutual understanding and cooperation at Kabul Airport.

Taliban fighters hunting a journalist for German Broadcaster @dwnews have shot dead one member of his family and seriously injured another. The Taliban were conducting a house-to-house search to try and find the journalist, who now works in Germany.


Pentagon update on US operations at Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

Multiple gates now operational.

Over past 24 hours:

13 US Boeing C-17A Globemaster III arrived at the airport carrying additional troops & supplies.

12 C-17s departed with “over 2000 passengers”

German MP Johann Wadephul from Angela Merkel’s governing CDU party confirms on German TV #illner there are 2 operational gates at Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

1 operated by US forces 🇺🇸 & the other by German Bundeswehr Forces 🇩🇪

Full credit to @Selbstdenker75 for getting this.

5-year-old Mohammed Munib Majeedi escaped #Afghanistan just 15 days ago.

He tragically died yesterday after falling from a balcony at the OYO Metropolitan Hotel in Sheffield.

His father had worked as an interpreter for the British Army.

Pictures released by the 🇪🇸 Spanish Ministry of Defence showing the first group of Afghans evacuated from Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan by a Spanish Air Force Airbus A400M.

They landed at Torrejón air base early yesterday, August 19th.

Bed time as 12:45am in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 & have boys tomorrow.

Been interesting day with my 2 Para story making the Pentagon briefing. 😳

I want to thank everyone who believed in me, shared my work & donated.

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USAF Boeing C-17A Globemaster III callsign #MOOSE21 is now heading back to Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

USAF McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender callsign: #MOJO89 returning to base from Afghanistan.

The KC-10 Extender is primarily used for Air to Air refuelling, although it can also carry 75 passengers and 84 tons if cargo on pallets.

USAF Boeing C-17A Globemaster III callsign: #MOOSE43 returning to UAE from Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

The #KabulAirlift is beginning to pickup pace as more air assets become available.

🇪🇸 Spanish Air Force Airbus A400M callsign: #AME3157 has departed UAE heading back to Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

This plane returned Afghan refugees to Torrejón Air base in Spain early yesterday and flew straight back for more.

Footage from Airport Road, Kabul, #Afghanistan at approximately 11am local time yesterday August 19th 2021

Footage of a Taliban checkpoint on Airport Road close to an entrance to the secured area of Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan at 7am local time, yesterday August 19th 2021.

Afghans seeking evacuation have to make it past numerous Taliban checkpoints before even having a chance.

Pentagon #Afghanistan Briefing:

US Army Major General William Taylor, from the deputy director of the Joints Chiefs of Staff when asked why British Paratroopers are leaving Hamid Karzai International Airport and going into Kabul to rescue people, but US Forces are not.

Hotline number setup for people in Kabul, #Afghanishtan who are seeking evacuation to Germany.

German SF unit KSK and two H145M helicopters are being deployed to Kabul, #Afghanistan to enable extraction of people trapped in parts of the city according to @derspiegel.

Bundeswehr ramping up its presence at Hamid Karzai International Airport.

British Army 2 Para Soldiers dealing with desperate Afghans outside Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan this afternoon.

A German national wounded by a gunshot on their way to Kabul airport, #Afghanistan is not in a life-threatening condition and will soon be flown out of Afghanistan by the Bundeswehr according to a German government spokeswoman.

Situation nearby entrance to the secure area of Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan today.

US soldiers in heavy numbers to keep entrance secure while armed Afghans fire warning shots in an attempt to disperse the crowd.

NATO allies put in harms way after paratroopers and rescue teams were forced to enter Kabul city to evacuate citizens and Afghan partners.

Taliban militants have set up checkpoints across the city.

🇵🇱 Poland has agreed to evacuate 300 people from #Afghanistan worked for NATO.

Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki said:

“We agreed that Poland will be responsible for the evacuation and safe transport of 300 Afghan citizens who co-operated in recent years with Nato.”

Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan this evening.

Thousands wait hoping to get in to the secured area and on a flight out of the country.

About 10,000 people have been processed, but are unable to depart Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan, a soldier told CNN’s @clarissaward, who said no US flight had left in eight hours.

A US official says flights will resume soon.


Joe Biden is now giving an update on US operations in Afghanistan.

He says US troops are working to enable any American who wants to come to Kabul Airport, can.

He reaffirms support for helping Afghan partners. Says NATO have agreed to redouble efforts.

Biden says he takes his responsibility in deploying troops very seriously as he did when his son was sent to Iraq.

Says US will provide NATO any assistance required and all nations are working hard on ground.

Questions next

Joe Biden when asked about criticism from allies says he has seen no criticism, “in fact the exact opposite”.

Joe Biden says it is just beginning for the Taliban in trying to assesrt legitimacy. Says US will be keeping close eye.

When asked about August 31st deadline, says he thinks evacuation will be done by then although will reassess at the time.

Says dealing with terrorism in Afghanistan should be done without permanent footprint in country just as they do on other countries.

Asked about a cable advising of a rapid Taliban advance, Biden says there’s all sorts of these cables.

Joe Biden says US unaware of any US Passport holders being prevented from reaching Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

Joe Biden says US have an agreement with Taliban that US Passport holders be allowed through checkpoints. There is no agreement for Afghans to be allowed to reach Kabul Airport.

A list of Consular Contracts for anyone wishing to be evacuated from Afghanistan.

Great work by @tweetsbymaisie for compiling this absolutely vital document.

Note: Read all the document before doing anything.


Here is a map of HKIA showing the current gates in operation and by which nation they’re manned by.


“Follow the instructions of local authorities including movement restrictions related to curfews.”

US State Department is now officially telling US citizens in Kabul, #Afghanistan to follow Taliban curfews.


A big problem for those attempting to reach HKIA in Kabul, #Afghanistan are the Taliban checkpoints.

To give you a sense of the problem, the 1st map is of checkpoints around the airport.

The 2nd shows the wider a area of Kabul.


On Friday evening, August 20 2021, the President of Finland 🇫🇮 authorised the deployment of Finnish Troops to operate from Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan & its immediate vicinity.

Troops departed at 7pm Finnish time & will assist the evacuation at HKIA.


Related to above.

2 CASA (Airbus) C-295 Persuader aircraft from the Finnish Air Force 🇫🇮 carrying troops and supplies, are currently over Slovakia enroute to Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.


Returning from Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan:

🇬🇧 RAF Lockheed C-130J Hercules #NAG17XT

Enroute to Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA):

🇺🇸 USAF Boeing C-17A #MOOSE64
🇬🇧 RAF Boeing C-17A #NAG47XT

Bundeswehr Inspector General Eberhard Zorn says that the US Military requested H145Ms to support operations at Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

“The Americans mostly fly there with large-volume helicopters, so they needed a smaller machine in the urban environment of Kabul.”

Former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp believes al-Qaeda could pose a bigger threat than they did pre 9/11

“This could very well mean a far greater threat from al-Qaeda Mark II, a bigger danger to British citizens.” mirror.co.uk/news/world-new…

Footage showing 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment (3 Para) soldiers trying to control the crowd at the entrance to the British processing facility at Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan at approximately 4pm local time, August 19th, 2021.

The 169 Americans President Joe Biden referenced US troops getting from outside the wire were flown 200 metres from Hotel Baron due to issues getting to the gate of Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan on foot.

3 US Military CH-47 Chinnocks were used for operation

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🇦🇺 Australia’s 3rd evacuation flight departed Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan last night, August 20th, 2021, carrying 80 people.

Those on board included Australian and New Zealand citizens along with Afghans who assisted AUS forces since 2001.

A view of one entrance to Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan earlier this morning, 21st August, 2021.

🇦🇿 Troops from Azerbaijan are lifting children over the wall into Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan so they can escape the crush that is occurring at nearly every entrance now.

Huge multinational effort.

🇳🇴 A Norwegian Soldier cradles a baby onboard a military transport plane due to leave Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

Soldiers from every nation assisting at Kabul Airport,#Afghanistan are dealing with unprecedented scenes and are going out of their way to help everyone they can, but especially children.

Greece has completed work on a 40km fence with surveillance system to stop asylum seekers crossing into Europe following the Taliban’s takeover of #Afghanistan.

They added 12.5km in just the last few days as they fear a an influx of Afghans seeking refugee from the Taliban.

Abdullah Abdullah, HCNR chairman, and former president Hamid Karzai today met with Abdul Rahman Mansour, the acting Taliban governor of Kabul, and they discussed the priority of protecting lives, property and dignity of Kabul citizens say Afghan media.

🇪🇸 At Spain’s Torrejón Air base journalists await the arrival of 🇪🇺 President of the EU Commission @vonderleyen & President of the EU Council @CharlesMichel to tour the facilities setup for Afghans who’ve been evacuated from Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

Taliban fighters pose for selfies and take videos at Paghman Hill Castle, northeast of Kabul, #Afghanistan.

The Palace opened in 2014 was used as a Presidential retreat and to host foreign dignitaries, as well as being open to the public.

🇩🇪 ForeignMinistry: “The security situation at #Kabul Airport is still extremely dangerous, access to the airport is often not possible. To the best of our knowledge, the gates are currently closed. We plan to continue the evacuations today,”


🇪🇸 Spanish President Pedro Sánchez held a press conference with 🇪🇺 EU Commission President Ursula Von der Layen & 🇪🇺 EU Council President Charles Michel.

Spain offered it’s Torrejón Air base as a reception centre for Afghans evacuated by EU countries from Kabul Airport.

BREAKING – US Embassy in #Afghanistan advises US Citizens to AVOID Kabul Airport gates due to security concerns.

Citizens should avoid the area unless advised to attend and take extra care to check surroundings when moving around Kabul.


Italian Journalist in Kabul, #Afghanistan says some Taliban checkpoints are charging Afghans $1500-$2000 to be allowed to proceed towards Hamid Karzai International Airport HKIA.

More & more barriers are being placed to stop Afghans leaving.

BREAKING – Multiple casualties near the entrance to Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

Taliban militants are firing and there are multiple civilian casualties being attended too.

I blurred the video as best I could from my phone as it’s unnecessary to identify seriously wounded civilians and also because you only need to be 13 to be on Twitter.

I’d rather reduce the exposure to gore a bit if I can.

Footage posted above of casualties outside Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan verified by former BBC Journalist @NawaNasrin.

Taliban fighters help themselves to equipment abandoned by the Afghan National Army ANA.

Night vision goggles, ballistic helmets and body armour to name a few things in this picture.

Khalil Haqqani carries a US DoJ bounty of $5 Million on his head.

He is now the person incharge of security across Kabul, #Afghanistan

Several hours ago at Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan.

You can see toddlers pushed up against the razor wire. This is getting so out if hand.

“Soldiers started shouting for medics and stretchers as unconscious people were carried to the rear. The medics checked their vital signs and then covered the bodies in white sheets.” news.sky.com/story/afghanis…

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