Dominic Cummings Owns “Spare Cottage” in Durham

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Dominic Cummings told people that when he made his questionable trip to Durham, that he stayed at a “spare cottage” on his parents estate. However, as of today, Mr Cummings is still shown as the registered owner of the property along with his parents and another family member. Therefore, Cummings trip was more of a journey to his second home, than it was out of a necessity for childcare.

Despite the clear public outrage surrounding the Prime Minister’s Chief Advisor travelling to Durham in March, the government are persisting to back Dominic Cummings. There are many contradictions in Mr Cummings account of events. Some include;

  • Why did he go back to work if he thought his wife had COVID-19 symptoms?
  • Why did he travel when he says his wife didn’t have Coronavirus symptoms?
  • Why did his wife, Mary Wakefield write that Cummings was bed bound for 10 days, yet somehow he drove to a hospital whilst he was?
  • Did he really drive 260 miles with a 4 year-old and not stop once?
  • Who tests their eyesight by taking their family for a drive, on his wife’s birthday?
  • Why did his “sick wife” travel to hospital with their son?

The list above isn’t even the full number of questions that have arisen from Cummings’ Downing Street Address.

“Spare Cottage”

Dominic Cummings during his Press Conference in the Downing Street Rose Garden

In outlining why he drove to Durham, as well as claiming that it was in-case his nieces were required to care for his four-year-old son should he and his wife become too ill, Cummings claimed it was a security measure too as a result of threats he’d been receiving at his London residence.

“I was worried about the possibility of leaving my wife and child at home all day and often into the night while I worked in Number 10.

“I thought the best thing to do in all the circumstances was to drive to an isolated cottage on my father’s farm.”

Cummings again made it clear that he wasn’t staying with his parents and extended family as he was residing in “an extra cottage.”

However, what Mr Cummings failed to mention was that he is a joint owner of that “extra cottage.” In-fact, it has previously been reported that he is by the Guardian and other national newspapers. It first came to light when it was revealed that the so-called architect of Brexit, himself was the beneficiary of European Union Funding relating to North Lodge in Durham. It appears as well as stand up comedy, Dominic Cummings is a fan of irony too.

Today I searched the Land Registry, and as you can see above, I found that Dominic Cummings is still the joint owner with his parents and another family member. I have redacted his family member’s names, as I see no need to throw their names out there unnecessarily.

Therefore, Cummings was travelling to a second home of his, something that was specifically prohibited under the lockdown restrictions he helped design and bring in with the government.

JUST IN: Durham Constabulary have stated that Dominic Cummings’ trip to Barnard Castle to “check his eyesight”, DID break lockdown rules in place at the time, but that they will not be taking any further action.

As you can see, no mention at all is made by the northern police force on his reasoning for the initial trip and the huge number of contradictions he made in reasoning in doing so.

All this episode has helped highlight and reconfirm is this;

If you are rich or powerful, you will get away with it. If you’re a friend of Boris Johnson, you”l even get the backing of the UK government machine, even if the public mood is clearly against you.

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  • Also, they should be done for tax evasion, as this is an attempt to avoid inheritence tax when his parents die.

  • David Michael Simpson

    I believe that during his stay in Durham he was seen by members of the public in Houghall Woods.
    This part of the accusation he washed over with ease by telling blatant lies. He said he walked the short distance with his family to woods adjacent to his fathers property and was seen by members of the public.
    Houghall Woods is over 2 miles from his fathers property, not directly or even closely adjacent and to walk to it you would have to cross a busy dual carriageway. Not something you’d contemplate doing with a sickly child. If he did in fact go to woods adjacent to his fathers property, they are not easily accessible or overlooked by any footpaths. Not one question was asked on this as it was credible unless you know the area well.

    • This is some excellent detective work -for a person who is not paid for the work, and it is far better than a lot of jounalism we see is the big nationals, or even better locals… it also shows now that whichever way Cummings tries to call it –what he did was in ‘ the wrong” Please someone hire this reporter person- or instead help him set up his own newspaper. If you do – and you want any writers or investigators in Scotland mate– plese let me know – i write for a hobby and liove investigative work, especially when its something – like this that might actually chance the dystfunctional political situation we are all in!!

  • What can anyone expect from vermin, the sort which is even now working to give yet ANOTHER billion-S of pounds of money for nothing?! What human heart can bear this without feeling rage?

    I truly fear some violence almost certain to come from good people so very ruthlessly beaten and bled and the response from the 1% which will be so very terrible.

    Whatever G-d, we are creatures of free will, on our own and thus responsible for our futures. We must act from our best, intelligently and nonviolently in such numbers that the rulers capitulate. We must True as they are false.

    I wish us all strength and good resolve in this dark age.

  • His mother-in-law’s birthday was the 30th March and his wife’s birthday is the 12th April. Both dates can be readily checked online.

  • Judith M Oakley

    DC said he had had the virus but was told he was fit to travel – I wonder by whom and where that took place? I wonder why his wife went along with this ridiculous event? If they had been involved in a car accident on these many journeys he mad when feeling unwell he could have put many lives at risk. As I said on another site why is he being protected by the cabinet – he must know something very interesting!

  • Reading this article and comments from locals above to would appear Dominic Cummings and his family have a blatant ‘do as I say not as I do attitude’ to their own personal & financial affairs despite the rules we all are supposed to follow as honest decent citizens who can be trusted to ‘ do the right thing’ imho he certainly cannot and should resign or be sacked

  • Why is no one asking what part he played in the deal between Glaxo Smith Kline, based at Barnard Castle, and Sanofi, the French vaccine company. These two rival companies are now working together on a Covid19 vaccine. The deal was signed two days after Cummings visit to Barnard Castle, presumably with government backing.

  • vivien stewart stewart

    Is anyone able to challenge this with the local authority? Have they paid Council tax on the Property? Did they get planning consent before they built? It may be this is all innocent with the restoration of a worker’s cottage .. anyone know?