The Exercise Cygnus Report the Government Didn’t Want You to See

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Read in full the damning secret report into Exercise Cygnus which revealed the UK government knew it was not prepared for a pandemic. The Guardian obtained a copy via a brave whistleblower and made it available for for anyone who wishes to read it.

It should be a national scandal that the government has fought to keep this report from the UK public. It shows that back in 2016 the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) was given numerous recommendations that we now know they did not implement.

An important section talks about Care Homes not being prepared. It is recommended that more staff are recruited and better working practices between care home’s and hospitals be created. Since Care Home Coronavirus deaths are now soaring, questions must be asked on whether the Government acted negligently.

Please feel free to download the pictures and share as you see fit. Please be courteous and cite The Guardian as the source of this important piece of public interest Journalism.