Tesco Will Deliver to People in Self Isolation – Learn More

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Tesco have this evening released information regarding grocery deliveries for people who are self isolating under the government’s Coronavirus – COVID-19 guidelines. Thankfully, Tesco have confirmed that they will continue deliveries to affected people, but with certain conditions. This will be a relief to the thousands of people who already rely on home deliveries due to disability. It will also reduce the risk of infected persons leaving their home to get shopping.

Below is the information Tesco have provided to people affected either by diagnosis of Coronavirus, or self isolation as per government advice. The most important thing is that you use the “delivery instructions” box to state that you are self isolating.

Tesco’s Delivery Policy for COVID-19 Affected Persons

We, [Tesco] understand what a worrying time this is, so we want to make sure that essentials are available to as many customers as possible, and that we can keep delivering to you safely. We’re also working with Public Health England to get their latest advice, so we can prepare for any further developments.

Grocery buying limits
To help everyone have access to the essentials, we may put some common-sense buying limits on certain products – you’ll be able to see buying limits on the individual product pages. We’ll do our best to keep shelves stocked up but at times, we may have low or no availability of some items. Of course, where possible, we’ll pick a suitable substitute for you which you can choose to keep or ask your driver to take back.

Booking a delivery slot
As there may be more customers than normal booking deliveries, you may find that there aren’t as many slots available, so it’s a good idea to try and book further ahead. Don’t forget, you can make amends to your order up until 11.45pm on the day before your delivery.

If you’re a Delivery Saver customer on a paid plan, we’ll still be opening priority Easter slots on Monday 16 March. But demand for slots will be exceptionally high, so please book your slots as early as you can.

Deliveries and advice if you are self-isolating
We want to deliver to you as safely as possible, so please let us know if you’re in self-isolation by telling us in the delivery instructions box when you order online. To be on the safe side, our drivers will be asking everyone they deliver to if they’re self-isolating, so please don’t be offended if you’re asked.

Following the Government’s advice on preventing the spread of COVID-19, if you’re self-isolating, your driver won’t be able to come into your home. But to help make things easier, although we have a bagless policy, we’ll provide clean shopping bags which your driver will use to pack your shopping for you at your door. Lastly, to avoid having to touch our signature touchpad devices, your driver will ask if you’re happy with everything and then sign the order for you.

We hope that this information has been helpful and we’ll do our best to keep your online shopping experience as smooth as possible.”

Future COVID-19 Updates

As new information and advice is released, I will do my best to post it as soon as possible. I have already posted the details the Department for Work and Pensions gave on support they’ll be offering here. It is important that we all do what we can to look after each other.

If you have any helpful information, please do not hesitate to use the Contact Form to let me know.


  • I’m pleased that Tesco is bothering to address the situation; this is in complete contrast to another supermarket (owned by an US Co) which this week at least, seems to have abandoned concerns for deliveries over foot fall.

    I shop for both myself & my mum and on Thursday received just over half of my order, despite the site showing goods ‘in stock’ 7 hours earlier?!

    Thank goodness a second order from Iceland came through.

    Hope things are good where you are Alex and you and yours stay well x

    • No chance, I am isolating with my family and Tesco have no delivery slots in April so we will have to wait for food to be delivered sometime in May or June hopefully. I will now try Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose nd Iceland.

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  • My husband has to self isolate and there fore I cannot go in supermarkets etc. but i cannot get a slot, its no use putting it at the bottom of your order if you cannot get a slot in the first place, thought we was going to get help with this!

  • It didnt help as my husband is in isolation with form from govermemt for 12 weeks and i am not allowed out we could manage if we could get orders .so far after trying at least 10 times a day we have 1 order delivered.