Tory Candidate Tells Foodbank Users To Take Out Payday Loan

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The Conservative Candidate for Broxtowe has come under heavy criticism after footage emerged in which he blamed foodbank users woes on their lack of budgeting skills. He then offered up what he thought was a solution; that they take out a payday loan to buy food.

Former RAF Logistics Officer Darren Henry is the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Broxtowe. He is hoping to win the seat previously won by Anna Soubry.

In 2017 Soubry was elected as a Conservative MP. However, earlier this year she left the party and joined Change UK. This was due to her wish for a People’s Vote on Brexit. Soubry is again standing in Broxtowe hoping that her popularity can help her retain her seat in the House of Commons.

The local Conservative Party Association have put forward former RAF Logistics Officer Darren Henry to be their candidate.

Last night, December 6th, all the Broxtowe parliamentary candidates took part at a hustings at a local church.

Hustings are an event whereby local voters can question parliamentary candidates on issues they care about. They are not compulsory, but most candidates will participate.

Footage from the hustings has emerged showing Henry talking about foodbanks.


Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Broxtowe Darren Henry

As you can hear, Henry first blames foodbank users inability to budget as being the cause of their problems. This isn’t a new comment from a Conservative Politician, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab previously used this line before in 2017, and like Darren Henry, he was condemned for it.

However, Henry’s “solution” to people requiring a foodbank is much more troubling. He advocates that people already in debt, take out a costly payday loan. This is irresponsible at best.

Payday loans carry eye watering interest rates that can see you paying back up to 4 times the amount you took out. How does Henry propose that someone already struggling for money, pays back this loan? He doesn’t say.

Needless to say, as you can see and hear from the footage, Henry’s Comments did not go down well.

I do think the Green Party Candidate’s reaction speaks for the nation; dismay mixed with disgust.

Yet again, another Conservative Politician has shown how out of touch with reality they actually are.

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