BLOG – Why as a Muslim I’m Terrified of a Tory Government

This is a short blog post on why, I as a Muslim, am terrified of Boris Johnson’s Tories staying in power. I have adapted it from a Twitter thread I posted. It isn’t meant to be a polished piece. It’s my off the cuff thoughts and worries.

This is a view held by many other Muslims and minorities in the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson has attacked and maligned nearly everyone. From calling Gays “bumboyls”, attacking poor people and calling for Muslims to be banned speaking Arabic in a Mosques. There aren’t many groups he hadn’t attacked. This is my view;l

I’m a white Muslim. I have never hidden this. Not have I preached about it to “turn” others. It’s my belief that affects nobody else.

However, I’ve endured;

  • My house getting torched, TWICE
  • Physical attacks in the street
  • Verbal abuse
  • Death threats deemed credible by the Police
  • Doxxing – My address being posted online
  • Getting called a “race traitor, Jihadist” & worse.

Boris Johnson has enabled the above

I am TERRIFIED of a Tory majority government.

The Media Enablers

I live with daily abuse and threats just because I’m Muslim.

Journalists have gaslit me using my mental health condition, Borderline Personality Disorder, to “infer” I’m a terrorist.

I got credible death threats due to this, yet the news outlet DEFENDED it.

Muslims are scapegoated because it makes money for media companies

Tory Normalisation of Hate

The Tories DO have a massive Islamophobia problem.

Because they deflect or deny it, people think they can get away with it too.

From Truro to Inverness, Muslims are facing increased abuse because of their faith.

All because the Prime Minister and his party have made Islamophobia mainstream.

No longer are people afraid to berate or attack Muslims, they do it with some sort of pride.

The Prime Minister of the UK has publicly REFUSED to apologize for his past comments about Muslims, gays and Black People. What sort of message does that send out?

I Won’t Give Up

However, all the abuse, the threats and attacks WILL NOT deter me.

I believe in a society that works for everyone.

Faith, race, sexual orientation, disability and age, are irrelevant to me.

Everyone is human at the end of the day, and are therefore ALL equals in my eyes.

I fight for that and I won’t stop because that’s exactly what those who seek to divide is want.

People CAN Change

Attacking someone because of faith or race shows a basic lack of understanding.

CJ Werleman, a self confessed former bigot, who now fights injustice and oppression.

However, people can and have changed. See CJ Werleman for proof, he was once in the EDL. Now he fights for equality and against Islamophobia.

Maybe not everyone can change, but many can.

I will ALWAYS fight to educate and inform people about equality for all.

Hate WILL NOT win. We cannot let it win.

All I want is to live my life in peace. I don’t want to be so scared to go out that I’ll only shop at 1am.

I don’t want to worry about every knock on the door.

I don’t want to worry about my kids getting bullied because of my faith.

I just want to be happy and safe.

Right now, I’m scared, stressed and I’m sad.

I don’t want to carry on like this. If Boris Johnson wins on December 12th, I’m genuinely concerned about what the future holds for me and other Muslims and minorities in the United Kingdom.

Please, on December 12th, don’t vote Conservative. They don’t care about you or anyone else. They’ll gaslight anyone of it keeps them in power.

I don’t get paid to write. I live on Universal Credit which currently has been cut because of a DWP “error”. I have to wait until after Christmas for my Mandatory Reconstruction to rectify it.

I’m really struggling, and I can’t pay my bills or prepare for Xmas for my two sons. I may be Muslim, but I don’t impose it on them. I celebrate Christmas for them so they don’t feel different. If you can please consider donating to help me keep writing.