My New Year Honours List

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Having seen the absolute monstrosity that is this years New Years Honours list I have decided to put together a small one myself. I have included some people I think deserve recognition for the work they have done to help the vulnerable.

It’s not exhaustive so as you can visit each one’s content. I recommend you follow them all if you want to be kept up to date with what is really going on in the UK.

Wishing everyone a health 2019.

Charlotte Hughes

For her selfless weekly vigil outside her local jobcentre @charlotteh71 deserves much respect. She is on the front line seeing the effects of Universal Credit.

An independent journalist herself, she has her own blog which she posts weekly recounting what welfare claimants have told her.

She has written in several news outlets and consistently campaigned for a humane welfare system.

Please check her blog out here:

Steve Topple

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Steve has systematically shown the utter failure of the Tories on Welfare. His articles and now podcast, are a must read if you want the truth.

He regularly appears in the media and puts forth arguments that help people understand what is really going on. He’s not just a one topic man either, Steve has a love for the environment and can regularly been seen talking about issues that affect the climate.

Here’s a link to his all his articles and podcasts on The Independent News Site, The Canary.

Peter Stefanovic

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My good friend @PeterStefanovi2 has come a long way since his time as a medical negligence lawyer.

He stood the the junior doctors, now he fights to dispel the lies put out by the MSM.

Please check his profile out, his videos are essential daily watching.

Artist Taxi Driver

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Everyone should start their day with @chunkymark’s newspaper review. It will make you laugh as well as show you the hypocrisy of fleet street hacks.

His art is also great too. Check him out! 

Sue Jones

SUE_100304536671598_161509736_n (2)

Sue Jones and her website are essential reading.

She goes into great detail to explain some complex issues that the government would rather we didn’t know. Prominent on social media she provides us with valuable insight into the inner workings of UK politics.

Her work is truly second to none. Please check out her page: Politics and Insights

Jack Monroe

Image result for jack monroeJack Monroe aka Bootstrap Cook has to appear on my list.

She has fought to highlight the plight of poverty in the UK.

She’s rallied support for #foodbanks and given those less fortunate recipes that help them survive.

Check Jack’s website out for great recipes that won’t break the bank.

Jack Monroe:The #1 budget recipe website

I’m was a JSA Claimant

I was a JSA claimant
I’m a JSA Claimant brings together stories from across the UK to show us just how bad the poverty crisis is.

Be it has homelessness or showing the effects of welfare reform, he helps keep me informed on what’s happening across the UK.

You can find him on Twitter and Facebook and I highly recommend you follow him and check in daily.

Hasan Patel

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Hasan Patel has shown us that no matter your age, you can have a political opinion. Now just turned 16, Hasan is well known. He is part of our future.

He spoke at the Labour Party Conference to air his views on how austerity has affected him. He constantly receives attacks claiming he is fake which he takes in his stride.

One to watch for the future I think.

Debbie Abrahams

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Finally, @Debbie_abrahams consistently stands up for disabled people in parliament.

She isn’t afraid to say it like it is. Debbie has pushed hard for Labour to adopt a better welfare system for the vulnerable. This includes scrapping Universal Credit, something the current Shadow Work and pensions Secretary has avoided committing to.

In my honest opinion, she should still be Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary. She is much more vocal and on point when she stands in parliament.