Tory Minister gives disgusting response when questioned about disabled claimant

Kwasi Kwarteng MP
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Kwasi Kwarteng has only just been promoted to a junior ministerial role and he’s already drawing attention to himself. Appearing on BBC Sunday morning political show Marr, the MP for Spelthorne gave a frankly disgusting response when he was confronted with a story of a deaf child who’s unable to speak & walk and faces losing her home because of Universal Credit.
Kwarteng was confronted with a story about a young woman who had contracted vCJD, commonly known as mad cow disease. It was explained to him that she was unable to hear, speak or walk and that she has been forced to attend a Work Capability Assessment (WCA) for Universal Credit.
His response to this absolutely unacceptable situation? I’ll let you watch for yourself.

At first, he starts what sounds like a pitch for a promotion, by listing what he’s been up to for the past few years. (A secretary to the Chancellor Philip Hammond.) Presenter Andrew Marr at this point intervenes to attempt to bring him back onto point to which the MP goes; “it’s a sad story but,” before continuing on about how the economy is so good.
Now most government MP’s who appear will usually defend their party’s position but when they do they at least say that situations like this shouldn’t happen. Kwarteng not only fails to say this he looks genuinely pleased with his response.

Kwarteng has some extreme views on Welfare

The Tory MP is known to have some rather extreme views on how the UK welfare system should be run. In a book he authored he says that benefit payments should be given as a repayable loan.

“Young individuals who have not yet paid national insurance contributions for a certain period, five years say, could receive their unemployment benefit in the form of a repayable loan.

“An unemployed teenager would still receive the same amount of cash as now, for example, but they would be expected to repay the value once in work.

“Turning an entitlement into a loan would mean that people would still be supported while out of work, but would have an additional incentive to find work rather than allow the debt to build up.”

Another shocking idea in his book proposes scrapping maternity and paternity pay to ease the burden on business. Instead new parents would get a flat rate “baby bonus” paid directly by the government. Considering the government’s track record on paying benefit payments on time, this is an idea that I find alarming to say the least.

UN Report

The junior Brexit Minister responded the way that he did because Andrew Marr had raised the damning United Nations report on extreme poverty in the UK. He also pretended to not “know who this UN guy” was.
This despite Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, Professor Philip Alston being invited to the UK by his own party. Plus it has been practically impossible to miss the media coverage before Alston’s arrival too.
For someone who was educated at Eton, Cambridge and Harvard, Mr Kwarteng isn’t very bright.
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  • there tories what you expect, they only care about one thing themselves and there rich buddies, time to get rid of them, gruinyard island is a nice place

  • How scary is this as this is a person on power and obviously as liar as did know the U.N were in the country as his party bought them in and if hes as high up on thr political food chain so to dpeak as he says he is he knew why the inspecter is here but the garbage coming out of his mouth badicly saying how wonderfull he is is appalling as hes clearly there to promote one thing-HIMSELF.Ive said it before let him live of what he would be entitled to off universal credit and see how long he lasts.It makes you lose confidence in your country’s government even more so by him not able to address thr question asked but by saying what he’s so callef acheived in his life and we care why???What a complete moron he is and to think he’s in government is scary as this self centred idiot cannot answer a simple question put to him.When are the government going to wise up and realise and admit that universal credit is a complete flop it doesnt work and has caused catastrophic life changes for millions and the sadness that many others have committed suicide because of this stupid system and famillies have lost loved ones because of this stupid system that has been proved inadequate.In my opinnion I would think that by now the goverment should hold its hands up and say they screwed up big time and to stop the continued roll out of U.C. and go back to the old method whilst working on something that does work and I cannot understand ehy its taken so long for them to realise instead of reaky knowing it doesnt wotk but carrying it on anyway as the DWP is literaly paying out thousands of pounds weekly with tribunals snd high court decisiond going in favour of the clsimsnt not the DWP. Its seems like when is the madness on behalf of the govt going to end as more people I think would vote for them if they admitted that completely usrless and if we are the 6th wealthiest nation in the world then why are there nore food and baby banks now more than ever when even people in fulltime rmployment are having to use them so other bills can be paid and rven homeless when in fulltime employment.As for the new head of DWP-Amber Rudd-well again god help us all as in a prior job she held she proved she couldnt even count the cost of hiring police officets so god help us if shes now in power at the DWP

  • A private education is no prerequisite for a head full of common decency , compassion , empathy or common sense .. He is unreal , a professional buffoon , he will go far ..

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  • Absolutely appalled by Kwasi, don’t forget you are being paid by the taxpayer, you have a damn good salary and expenses so you are “on benefits” you terrible man.