Sick Esther McVey tells women on Universal Credit; “there are other jobs on offer”

Esther McVey in the House of Commons
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Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey has caused outrage by suggesting that women on Universal Credit who’ve been driven to prostitution should get a job. Ms McVey was responding to a point raised by the Chair of the Work and Pensions Committee, Frank Field MP.

Frank Field MP in the house of commons

Frank Field MP (Credit -BBC Parliament)

The former Labour MP who is currently sitting as an Independent, shared a shocking consequence of Universal Credit in his constituency.

Mr Field said: “Might I raise the question I wrote to the Secretary of State about about how UC is being rolled out in Birkenhead?

“Some women have taken to the red light district for the first time. Might she come to Birkenhead and meet those women’s’ organisations and the police who are worried about women’s security, being pushed into this position?”

Her response rocked even the hardcore supporters of the under fire benefit. Without even a second thought she rose to reply saying;

 “The right honourable member knows my door is always open to him, and I did receive a letter on Friday, but really we need to work with those ladies and see what help we can give them from the work coaches right the way through to the various charities and organisations.”

What came next provoked gasps and looks of disgust from MPs across the Commons chamber. McVey sickenly added;

“In the meantime – and I add that perhaps he could tell these ladies, and the work coaches can, that now we’ve got record job vacancies. 830,000 job vacancies, and perhaps there are other jobs on offer.”

Proof McVey will do anything to defend Universal Credit

Esther Mcvey Parliament

Every week just when you think Esther McVey cannot go any lower she does.

She lied to Parliament and got away with it. Even being blasted by the head of the National Audit Office (NAO) for lying.

Just last week she tried to brush over the fact that families will be £200 a month worse off when they are moved to Universal Credit.

Her go to defence is always; “since 2010, 1000 people per day have gained employment because of our policies.” Usually followed by the misleading statement about how unemployment is at a  record low.

By lecturing women so desperate they feel forced into the sex trade, McVey has shown what many already believed; she has absolutely no morals.

More consequences of a failed reform

Field’s revelation that women are so desperate because of the Tories flagship reform is just another thing to add to the list of growing evidence that Universal Credit isn’t only not working, it has failed.

We had reports of foodbank use rising by 52% in Universal Credit areas, a report to the Work and Pensions Committee found that the benefit is trapping claimants in abusive relationships due to the one payment system.

As I have frequently tried to report, Victims of Domestic Abuse are required to show evidence from a professional that they have been abused. That’s not the worst part of what I call the “abuse clause.”

Victims of Domestic Abuse or Violence are only entitled to help from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) once per 12 months. 

For example; If a claimant had DWP assistance in January 2018, such as split payments or a 13 week job search pause, they will not be allowed help again until January 2019. A known fact is that victims often return to their abusers as it takes them more than one attempt to leave for good.

This policy risks trapping the victim in a dangerous situation.

Mind you the entire Universal Credit system is a dangerous situation.

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  • Could one of these 830k jobs be a new dwp minister if they can find anyone gullible enough

    • Alex Tiffin - @RespectIsVital

      I honestly don’t think you’ll find anyone willing to touch it with a barge pole.

      • they will there plenty of dumb tories that would ride the poison chalice, surprised the loudmouth from Shipley has not gone for it

  • I was appalled at McVey’s response!!! It’s outrageous!!!

  • Gershom Gewissenmann

    One does well to keep in mind McVey is what she was deployed to be. Her comment-advise is the reality of not just her party but the whole system as historically and presently run, to maintain and augment the privileges of a few. That is the obscenity.

    Keep the truth coming, It is our best tool to motivate for a change only we can bring.

  • Brilliant article, she can’t get to grips with men paying for sex, she is after all the Westminster bike. Any Tory can ride her for free. The sex workers will always have more dignity, respect and kindness than her, at least it puts food on the table and clothes on kids backs, parents looked after. More than McVile will ever manage. She is committing crimes against humanity, when will she be arrested and locked up,

  • Esther McVey always justifies the harshness of universal credit by claiming that jobs are plentiful and implying that anybody could have one or more of these jobs if they chose to.


    One of the fanciful ideas of universal credit is a thing called “in-work conditionality” where people in part-time work but earning less than 35 hours on the minimum wage are forced to have meetings at Jobcentres with work coaches, just like the unemployed, to try to achieve “progression”, i.e., more hours with their current employer(s), or another job with more hours and/or more pay, or one or more additional jobs to make up the shortfall in earnings.

    The results of the pilot have now been published:

    The group receiving maximal “support” from the Jobcentre, by means of fortnightly meetings with work coaches, after 52 weeks earned a miserable £5.25 a week more than people receiving minimal support! Hardly anybody increased their earnings in the manner expected or achieve the DWP’s mythical “progression” to take them off universal credit completely. If good paying jobs were easy to get universal credit claimants, with work coaches breathing down their neck, should have ended up pushed into jobs that increased their wages significantly by much more than £5.25 per week.

    This DWP randomised pilot shows conclusively that people, generally, cannot easily earn more money by finding additional hours, new jobs, more jobs, or better paid work with a snap of their fingers no matter how many notified vacancies exist. People will not be able to plug shortfalls in their benefits occurring because of freezes/cuts by magically acquiring additional gainful employment.

    Universal credit is a dangerous and toxic fantasy that will convulse the lives of millions to no good end.

  • I was forced to move to universal credit having previously claimed e.s.a it is unimaginably hard living on universal credit..I get 180 to live on a month that’s Bill’s food transport clothing it’s not do able after they have taken my rent I’m left with next to nothing I have used the food banks to try survive my second month I dont know how I’m going to do two months I have lost so much weight I look like a skeleton