Stuart’s Diary – My next 6 months To the point of death & gaining control of Universal Credit

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Everything Stuart writes is unedited and raw. I don’t believe in touching it bar a few layout changes. He writes what he feels and has experienced.


Stuart’s Article

l wrote this email to one of the heads of UC and tried to hit him hard with the true facts that i still could prove about his staff foul plays.

It will have have to be edited for the names involved but i wish all the all the fraud and lies stays as its the truth.

I was getting no where trying to get this case to court but they still went ahead and kicked me of UC as they wanted me to sign up for UC Live. l never did as i just kick and screamed and that`s when it hit me, l had no other choice but fucking UC is the only choice you get. l still await 20 months for PIP even though i was in and out of hospital for 5 months and never went out in 2017.

Still that never stopped them sending 7 work assessments appointments even though i asked for 4 home visits as i had not left the house in 4 months.

Still i was to go and see my GP for a letter that am not fit to travel. TO me the issue was not being able to leave the house but my GP can write a letter to say i cant travel but still you want to question my illness from the same GP who gives me the meds and writes the sick notes.

See when i can not make sense of something i question it and question it!

That’s why I have had problems with mental health. I question almost everything.

So after the 5 months of hell my next 5 months I became so ill with my stomach i was hospitalised many times.

Not forget that was the illness that got me a sanction on day 7. So i was paid in April which was the 5th payment and it was the 1st payment i got hassle free! All the others had to be chased up.

So May took a turn for the worst for me but still as i had awaited 4 months for this appointment to see the specialist Feb 4th May was the date set for this many many tests drugs and failures i had hope.

It was my goal to reach that point of staying alive as Monday was the specialist then Wed was my court for the sanction i got for the stomach illness. Then Friday was a work assessment.

Well lets just say i say the Dr on Monday and was moved onto 20 pills a day. Wed morning i went up to pick them up but they were not ready do i walked back to my house as am 2mins away.

Got in the house for 1min and boom i had a massive acid attack that went all into my chest. The pain was so bad. IT was like someone punching your chest plus someone choking you at the same time. l ended up crawling to the front door to get help. Next thing i knew i was in hospital via an ambulance. l never been in one! but the next 4 months i was in 4 more!

Still my friends at UC started there letters for assessments which was 7 in 4 months 24 text messages and me pointless asking for a home visit 4 times!

Start of Nov 2017 after I almost died due to wrong meds i had a letter with oh you guess it, why did i not attend, you could face a Sanction.

Now lets ALL be honest here but any illness you have you don’t see the Dr and be issued a fine if you don’t get better, i will be fined.

Second and most important is mental illness.

You don’t get some magic pills and 2 weeks later its all good. 6 months or more and the pressure they put on people is only going to have 2 results.

One longer term illness the 2nd and it breaks my heart, death. That’s something we ALL know happens now to people and i being very close twice am just a lucky man.

Still I don’t feel that as the people we have lost to the one story in the tried to block it going public had the one story of a man getting his house burgled. Being a bit shock up he stayed with his friend for a bit while his house was being sorted. As he never told UC even though he still had to pay rent to the house he got found out and the guy he was with was on UC and both got a Sanction, both lost there house and were homeless for 3 weeks. The council did find a home but it was too late as the man took his own life.

That man took his life but under the reason that he must have felt he had no purpose in life and the best thing for all was to take his life. He died alone with the feeling that he was worthless to the world.

If you are experiencing any thoughts of self harm or suicide please talk to someone. Samaritans are open 24/7 and you can talk to them anonymously.

l will never stop thinking of him and I have cried so many times to think how he should never ever been forced into that position. I will never forget nor forgive these people who are responsible for his death.

I am sorry that got a little deep but i can’t forgive not forget ever.

That person who sanctioned these men could have been the same staff who did me and it was only later I found out they gained it by using fraud.

I feel like printing all this stuff as in my morals I have to know that certain staff are no longer working as I honestly don’t think they take no responsibility for there own actions.

My 2nd Decision Maker(DM) just made up the we had a telephone conversation to cover her working policy. That woman only cares for herself and her agenda. Lucky for me I have the phone record and 2 confirmed statements that the call they can never prove as I have the prove that she lied.

Still I have to sit with this even though she almost killed me and who else she may have.

Moving back to November 2017 when I was on the mend I called up Work Capability Assessment and demanded a home visit.

She told the Dr’s story and I said that makes no sense and I have not left the house and if you want my medical records your free to them.

Still are you giving me a home visits yes or no? Not unless I stopped her talking and said we are done here and hung up the phone. Then I called the DWP and went mental with all the appointments the text messages and said would you say that’s harassment.

He said yes it was a bit over the top and said we’ll get it stopped now and hung up the phone.

That was the day i took control of Universal Credit and Ifelt better than ever!

Still it was back into to the books to find out what the sanction were all about as i was not letting that woman get away with what she did to me. 3 weeks later i had her in my pocket and i was now just needing the letter to confirm the date.

Of course that now has to be part 3 as again UC and more crap. 7 months it took to get that letter!

The names will have to be first names only. If i win this case i will upload all the lies fraud and all the other shite i got.

If I can still live to tell the tail so can you. Help is it hand and promise me you will for it. Don’t let a system of failure get you down. We are here to help and we everyone fighting back. Please please Please, that’s 3 now you will never give up!

Respect to all and thank you, remember if you have problems with Universal Credit I have all the staff policy books.


Stuart @ProvanStuart on Twitter

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