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Austerity, it ain’t over

This is the first episode of: Last Week in the News and it’s about austerity. It’s a roundup of news stories throughout the week that didn’t get the coverage they deserve.

This week we have stories related to Theresa May’s false claim that “austerity is over.”

I plan to do more videos on various topics which will hopefully will be of help to some people. As always, feedback is welcome as it hekps me be better for you. If you share this or any topic related to it please use #LWIN to help this grow.

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One comment

  • Gershom Gewissenmann

    Great idea and well done. You ask for comments, is a suggestion okay? Your greatest strength, relevance to viewers is that you are ‘one of us’, not some funded “Expert”, even while the quality is certainly there. I think that were you to shoot these vid.s in your kitchen with the cooker, pots and dishes, fridge with your sons drawings taped up, perhaps even while you have a cup of tea you might have a greater entry and thus impact. All over the world since time began conditions get bad, there is the talk in the street and then the talk in the kitchens..about life, to fix and make better lives in the place we do the most living, ‘ Boys, in a minute, dad’s talking to people just now.” You function as a rare and best sort of friend, we feel it, invite us in for a cup, we’ll talk it out.

    Don’t ever stop