My claim for PIP and the high standard assessments as set by the DWP.|By Stuart

Stuart’s lastest entry.

I do not edit or censor Stuart’s entries as I feel it’s better to let him write his opinion from inside the system with no interference.

The PIP claim form which is 40 pages long and half the question are pointless to my health problems.

Also why can i not supply my medical records and the 19 months its took to apply for this as no one told me i could claim.

More worrying Decisions on benefit entitlement are made by non medical decision makers.

Decision Makers (DM) will use your report and will seek the advice of an experienced healthcare professional trained in disability assessment to review and interpret the report where needed.

The fact that WSA assessment report by ANY healthcare pro DOES NOT MAKE ANY DECISION ABOUT YOUR CLAIM and also WILL NOT KNOW THE OUTCOME OF THE CLAIM! You can only get a copy ONLY AFTER DWP has completed the claim.

That concerns and may cause harm to my mental state.

Please can you assure me that i would get a 100% fair assessment?


The Inside the booklet UCWCAAL1C

On page 6 it says “To ensure healthcare professionals provide consistent, high quality assessments, they are continuously monitored. “

Can i ask how this is possible when its a one on one interview and you say reviews are made of the quality of the assessments.

So using the report they give you that’s how you check the continuously monitored for your standards.

As a reminder the standards since 2012 and asking for a MR if the claimant is unhappy with the result in which the chance of gaining a change of result from a DM the stats show that gaining a change to the result is rarely ever changed to which the claimant now has to use court action where the claimant since 2012 has always won more in favour vs the outcome of the assessments, which leaves a massive question since the data does not add up.

The standards that have been set nor does the stats show fall below the results of standards that the DWP has set, to which both the claimant and DWP would be both disappointed and would agree
that the standards are way below high quality and could argue, are not even basic standards at best.

Can you prove or tell me that ALL of the claimants are getting high standard assessments every time?


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  • stuart not provan

    They must just love me at the DWP.. With even worse to come with 2 more diary’s to publish!

  • Gershom Gewissenmann

    Yours is the voice of .. how many thousands of people in the same position driven to desperation in the jaws of a machine? This system resembles nothing so much as some nazi era experiment on; just how much does it take to really break a human being?

  • stuart not provan

    Yes you go to the GP or hospital where FULL medical trained staff will ask you some questions or you may go for a scan. l can`t recall the 40 page book that you fill out first to find out whats wrong with you.

  • stuart not provan

    @Dean Stockton. Since 2017 the assessor makes not any decision or credits about your claim, neither do they know the outcome. Its written on the back of the booklet UCWCAAL1C and also gives you the number to complain to the assessment centre if you were unhappy with your assessment. Your complaint will not affect your claim. As written word for word from the booklet everyone gets with there assessment appointment. l have 10 of them i can give you one!

    Glad you got your money sorted out hassle free.