Jeremy Corbyn’s full speech at The World Transformed (TWT) festival in Liverpool

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I live-streamed Jeremy Corbyn’s full speech at The World Transformed (TWT) festival in Liverpool on Twitter yesterday. I have included the tweet with the recording here so those not on Twitter can access it.



If I record any other videos I will do the same. Not everyone can attend so bringing this to you like this helps you stay engaged.

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One comment

  • The Fan stuff at the beginning was..sad,to my ears. Yes, he is a good person standing for good things-changes but the cult of ‘the one and only’ is part of the problem. i don’t hold him responsible for this, wrong road for desperate people, but the attendees. WE are the spirit and thus the power. If we work as less we are doomed to merely cause the whip to change hands. And on that…

    He spoke very well and of changes which would make a better world but, I am very fearful. His, the parties acceptance of the new “definition of anti-semitism”(sic), which is too clearly it’s self anti-Semitic, fills me with dread.

    Please know, I am myself Jewish by this a humanist and thus an anti-zionist. Jewish Zionism was of G-d, dependent on It’s will and our complete humility before her and his laws. Political zionism is Blasphemy, against Has-em, thus anti-Jewish ( it’s all written one may only argue if he-she burns the books) and thus is or has become a species of business, I, with many others, identify it as Corpo-zionism. Corpo-zionism is of it’s ilk corporate-capitalism with it’s ugliest to be dignified by a slave religion-culture and long ago got it’s support by abetting those with the greatest power even unto the harm of Jews and Judaism. It is the worst Anti-semitism(sic), (the ‘sic’ only comes off when we include the Arabs).

    Semite, as defined is “Arabs and Jews…” ( by the numbers, Arabs are 95% of the worlds Semites) to use the identifier exclusively is to accept the premise of corpo-zionism,corpo-anything, that dispossession for profit is a privilege on it’s way to become a right. No wonder neo-liberals, Fascists love it so. The, repulsive, document is replete with unjust privilege for a few. I can only understand anyone-or groups acceptance of such an abomination as a proof of fealty. Forcing Labour to do so was done to castrate it’s good to discredit it in the eyes of the majority by proving that it would ultimately serve the status quo.

    Yes- I have read of the vicious war which was imposed on Labour and it’s better members everyday since Mr. Corbin stood to represent the will of the people against the 1%’s bottomless greed and I empathize because i have experienced it myself, from insults to death threats and attempts on my life. What-ever! No matter, this is the condition, We are the people, this is the hour and we are to do the good thing.

    I hope for the best but, as a Jew, I am responsible for you so I cannot be naive.