The poem that sums up Foodbanks and Universal Credit in a nutshell

Foodbanks and Universal Credit are never far from the headlines. Usually it’s report  blasting the government’s flagship welfare policy or the latest figures showing that foodbank use has rocketed.

Like her previous poems Nicola Tiffin is explaining current events through poetry and this one covers the entire debacle of Universal Credit and foodbanks in a nutshell. Please share if you can.


UK foodbank use continues to rise,

However this comes as no surprise.

Universal credit has ruined a lot, causing debts, mental

health issues, rent arrears and eviction,

It’s such an awful thing causing this infliction.

Still the government choose to ignore,

That this is happening more and more.

We can all stand together and help the people in need,

by donating to our foodbanks and doing a good deed.

By Nicola Tiffin @truthisvital

To find out how you can help your local foodbank you can visit the websites of The Trussell Trust or IFAN who run the majority of UK foodbanks.

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