Don’t judge what you cannot see – A poem on hidden disabilities

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This is a poem by Nicola Tiffin on hidden disabilities. She wants to raise awareness of hidden disabilities through alternative methods. Enjoy.



Don’t judge what you cannot see

When you look at me what do you see?

Someone able bodied just like you.

But I hide something you cannot see,

Neuropathic pain but you still judge me.

Sometimes I get so bad,

I can barely walk and it makes me sad.

I have walked round shops and my legs have collapsed.

But I get straight back up, I don’t anytime lapse.

For people like to stare at me and think I am just being clumsy.

My children are my angels, my pure delight,

They keep me going through the day and night.

There are millions of people just like me,

So please don’t judge what you cannot see.

Nicola Tiffin

If you would like to make a donation to Nicola you can do so via her PayPal account. She is raising funds to write a book for children with special needs. Please click here to donate.