Home Secretary brands Corbyn “one of the biggest threat’s to our national security”

In a tweet that the mainstream media seems to have ignored, The Home Secretary Sajid Javid branded Jeremy Corbyn as “one of the biggest threat’s to our national security.” Javid has for days now been smearing the Labour leader but now has upped the ante to a despicable and libilious level.

The Home Secretary Sajid Javid has been attacking Jeremy Corbyn quiet a lot in the past week. Only two days ago he used an odd comparison of Corbyn’s use of the word “zionist.”

If Corbyn had said “Asians” or “Blacks” instead of “Zionists” he’d be gone by now. The fact he’s still tere, tells us all we need to know about what the Labour Party has become.”

Javid is trying to compare Zionism, which is a political ideology, with that of racial identity.

Now before I’m attacked, anti semitism is wrong in all cases as is racism. The fact is however, that not all zionists are Jews. Therefore attempting to claim Corbyn’s statement was anti semitic is a bit, well.. odd. Are we at the stage were it is anti semitic to make a statement about non Jewish people? If that’s the case we are in trouble.

Yes many Jews are zionists but many non Jews are too. Any form of racism, bigotry and religious discrimination is wrong but are we now protecting political opinions too? As the Home Secretary Mr Javid should know that there’s no law against this.

The replies to his tweet, of which there were over 2,600 mainly attacked the Home Secretary for this outburst. Several of the comment that can be seen are from people saying that they themselves are Jewish and that they do not appreciate being branded zionist.

National Security Threat

After facing heavy criticism for he previous attack on the Labour Leader, Javid today decided to up the rhetoric. Javid calls Corbyn “one of the biggest threat’s to our national security” and cites a video were Jeremy Corbyn is talking about the UK government making suspected ISIS terrorists stateless.

Sajid Javid oversees the UK Security Services such as Mi5, a statement like this would normally be very serious. After all, a Home Secretary wouldn’t make a false claim without out verifiable proof that someone is a threat to our nation? Would he?

The short answer is yes.

The video in which Mr Javid included in his tweet is about the UK governments policy of making suspected ISIS terrorists stateless. The first thing to note that the clip starts mid sentence so we are already missing something.

Secondly to note is that Mr Corbyn is talking about whether making someone stateless is legal.  He specifically says that terrorists should be held to account. The question of making someone stateless has never been tested and if it was the UK’s acceptance of the UN General Assembly’s reduction of statelessness would likely be used against it.

More lies by Javid

Mr Javid has a poor history when it comes to the truth. He stated on The Andrew Marr show that “The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) is not representative of British Muslims,” when the MCB called for an inquiry in Islamophobia in the Tory Party. Hundreds of letters were then sent to the MCB supporting them and an inquiry.

To date the Conservatives have rejected an inquiry of that there is even a problem of islamophobia.

Javid may have also broken the ministerial code regarding a statement that he made in the House of Commons regarding Windrush victims. He told the House that no victims would have to sign non disclosure agreements. This is something that has now widely reported to be happening despite Javid claiming to the contrary

Irresponsible and Dangerous

As MPs are still on their summer recess it is far harder to hold the Home Secretary to account. Indeed several MPs seem to suddenly be in full attack mode now that they are on holiday.

Now we have come to expect attacks like this on Jeremy Corbyn however, not from someone so high up in the cabinet. Mr Javid’s word will carry a lot of weight behind it for some Tory followers.

We have all seen the damage that rhetoric can do. The Finsbury Park terrorist Darren Osborne claimed that his intended target was Jeremy Corbyn. The prosecution believed that far-right speakers Tommy Robinson and jayda Fransen had been an influence on Osborne.

So for a Home Secretary to say this is could potentially be dangerous in my opinion.

Will he retract this statement? I highly doubt it, but it may come back to haunt him later should anything happen Mr Corbyn.

I contacted the Conservative Party for comment on this statement by Mr Javid but there was no response at the time of the article going out.

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