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DWP Lies and Propaganda, Deflection script

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The Department for Work and Pension (DWP) is using lies in social media ads to promote Universal Credit

IMG_1605Just a quick aside from my usual articles as I’m seeing more and more promoted posts from the Department of Work and Pensions about Universal Credit.

This fact alone is irresponsible because every working-age benefit claimant will eventually be transferred to Universal Credit anyway, so what’s the benefit of advertising it?

Claimants have the option to voluntarily switch to Universal Credit from their current benefits. Why would the Department want this? Because if claimants do this then they will not have transitional protection, meaning they may receive less on Universal Credit than they did previously.

This as opposed to if they were part of the migration next year in which all Employment Support Allowance (ESA), Job Seeker Allowance (JSA), Income Support, Tax Credits, and Housing Benefit claimants will be moved to Universal Credit (UC) and will receive an additional amount to ensure they don’t receive less money than before.

Aside from that, the content of these ads is so incredibly disingenuous and while I have a couple of times tried to share these adds and comment on the lies, it’s a big undertaking. So I have designed some Universal Credit ads to try and help elaborate on the some of the comments within these ads.

Feel free to share these to help combat the mistruths being promoted by the DWP.

Picture of man opening an sliding door, with the title saying Universal Credit will deduct 63% of your earnings from work.AdvanceAP EarningsCopy of Advance (1)Transitional Protection

Let me know if you use them or have any ideas for others!

Bayard Tarpley

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  • You’re also fogetting the DWP youtube page pushing the crap about claimants starting work I bet not one is doing less than the full hours so they are completely off UC, then again they could be actors! I wouldn’t put it past the scum at DWP. How can anyone have anything positive to say about these scum?

  • My son who was on ESA and PIP has had to move to UC.
    He has lost money in his housing benefits and has had his PIP reduced .
    He took a zero hour contract for around 7 hours a week thinking this would help him get back into work, help with his illness and give him much needed extra money. After they have deducted 63p per £1 he earns out of £81.39 per month he is left with £51.40 per month , £12.85 per working day , then out of this he needs work clothes, bus fares and lunch. How does that encourage people into work.Disgraceful .