DWP downgrades MSP’s ability to help Scots on benefits then tells them; ‘we’re on holiday’

In what seems as another snub towards Scottish Welfare Claimants the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP has downgraded the way in which MSP’s from Holyrood can help their constituents.

SNP MSP Linda Fabiani CC BY 2.0

MSP Linda Fabiani is one of the Deputy Presiding Officers in the Scottish Parliament. For those of you not familiar with Scottish Politics, this is the same as the Deputy Speaker in the House of Commons.

She recently wrote to Esther McVey for clarification on why MSP’s can no longer contact the Jobcentre’s Complaints’ Resolution Team to help resolve an issues a constituent may be having with their benefits.

Fabrini told the Daily Record last month that the only way she can now make contact with the DWP is by email. After that she must wait for a written response. This is wasting time claimants who’re often in hardship simply do not have.

Scots singled out

I must be clear that this only applies to MSP’s from the Scottish Parliament and not MP’s from Westminster or AM’s from the Welsh Assembly.

Fabiani did receive a reply but it wasn’t from Esther McVey and it certainly didn’t answer her query.

She was told in a letter by a DWP official;  “Unfortunately, due to leave commitments and parliamentary recess, this is likely to take longer than normal.”

Whilst MP’s may be on recess the DWP is still very much open. Furthermore are we really expected to believe that recess starts and all MP’s cease work?

If you go by that logic, who’s running the country? Tory MP Ross Thomson is happy enough to be swanning around Japan on expenses acting like he own the joint, so why can’t Esther McVey answer a simple question to a fellow politician a few hundred miles away?

Fabiani said: “The ‘sorry, we’re on holiday’ approach from the Tories is flippant and risks leaving people in financial dire straits.”

Holyrood & Westminster relations at rock bottom

It’s common knowledge that the relationship between Westminster and Holyrood has never been worse. What with their opposing views on Brexit and the Tories vehement opposition to a second independence referendum it is to be expected.

However, there is absolutely no excuse for making lives of ordinary Scots more difficult. What is a political no more than a difference of opinions is now risking people’s welfare.

The Tories do wear the label of “The nasty party” rather well but I didn’t expect them to use it as a badge of honour.

Alex Tiffin

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