I’m Schrödinger’s Universal Credit claimant according to the DWP

So today, 21st June, I finally received a letter from the DVLA outlining what exactly had been said by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Universal Credit Assessor about my fitness to drive.


I previously wrote about how I was reported to the DVLA by my Universal Credit assessor as they doubted my fitness to drive. I can now advise why that actually was.

I received a letter today from the DVLA stating that my licence had been reinstated whilst they carry out further investigations by writing to my consultant. They also enclosed an redacted version of the report that was originally made.

It seems that they have stated, I disclosed that my medication adversely affects my cognitive and physically ability.

At no point have I ever said this to them. As I have been on my medication for so long now, it has no effect on me whatsoever. Also, the DVLA are well aware of my medical conditions and the medications that I take, they have been for 8 years since I first became ill. They have not changed in that time and the DVLA medical group has checked my ability to drive with my own and independent doctors and it has never been an issue.

When I saw the reason listed I had to take a look at my Mandatory Reconsideration notice from when they rejected my appeal against being classed fit to work.

One of the reasons given for rejecting my appeal was: I have determined that you are able to drive unassisted therefore you do not qualify in” this area.” This was in reference to being able to go places alone. Just because I can drive “unassisted” as I hope any driver could, doesn’t mean I comfortable going to new places alone.

So the DWP are attempting top claim that; my mental state is so badly affected I can’t make sound decisions on the road but, they’ll be fine at work? Yea ok then.

As I am waiting for a tribunal date which will probably be a long time coming, I will be sure to enclose this as evidence so it can be raised.

Meanwhile, at least I am able to drive again, the DVLA will write to my consultant again just to confirm nothing changed in the three months since they last wrote to him.

It just begs the question fit or not fit? Can they make their mind up or am I the Schrödinger claimant?

Alex @RespectIsVital

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