Weak Theresa May now attempting to start MPs Summer recess early to avoid leadership challenge

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Scared of an imminent leadership challenge against Theresa May, the government has tabled a motion to start MPs summer recess five days early. With eurosceptic MPs becoming more and more vocal, the Prime Minister’s response is to run away.

The House of Commons is its summer recess next Tuesday.  But tonight the government has tabled a motion to go on holiday five days early. This would make Thursday their last day.

More holidays over summer than workers get a year

MPs already get a six week break over summer, so adding a further five days is a slap in the face to voters and hard working employees across the UK.

The average worker in the UK gets 5.6 weeks paid leave a year, better worked out as 28 days. That’s the statutory minimum by law if anyone wondered. MPs get more leave over summer than most do in a year. So adding more is just ridiculous.

An MP’s annual salary is £77,379. That’s £1488.06 per week. So for their summer recess at just six weeks they will be earn £8928.35. Add an extra five days and it’s £9991.25.

A claimant on the standard rate of Universal Credit will get £3,828 for the entire year. MPs get three times that just over summer.

Labour undecided

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Several sources at Labour have stated that the official party position on whether to back the motion is yet to be taken. This could make things much more interesting in the last few days before they break up.

One Labour source added: “Theresa May sounds like she is running scared of her own MPs.

“She’s caved in to Brexiteers meaning her Chequers negotiation has not lasted a week. Now we find out she wants Parliament to rise nearly a week early so there can’t be time for a vote of no confidence. She’s in office but not in power.”

Hopefully MPs in Westminster will vote against this bonkers motion. Afterall aren’t Westminster short of debating time already due to the numerous Brexit bills going through parliament. Five days could get a lot done…

Mayday Mayday Mayday

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Theresa May’s days as Tory leader and Prime Minister are surely numbered. She staved off a rebellion in the commons today by accepting hardcore Brexiteers demands, only to cause another rebellion from the remainers in her party.

If someone wrote current events in a book prior to it happening, it would be blasted as ridiculous.

Yet this is 2018 Tory Britain were MPs can be sex pests and racist and face no more than a ticking off. You can lie to parliament and smirk when you get away with it. Literally nothing seems to matter anymore.

Theresa May should accept that the writing is on the wall and go.

All this is doing is eroding the public’s trust in politicians. That’s when anything can happen at elections. With Comrade Farage planning his UK political comeback lets just hope the trust is that far gone.

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