Tory MP Michael Fabricant retweets Islamophobic tweet of London Mayor Sadiq Khan – Calls for his suspension grow

Michael Fabricant MP

Just days after daring the US to shoot down the Donald Trump baby blimp, Tory MP Michael Fabricant retweets what I am calling “a blatant islamophobic” tweet referring to London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Michael Fabricant retweets a racist image of two pigs in sex act with Sadiq Khans face on it/

The tweet (above) by the MP was later deleted

Just days after daring the US to shoot down the Trump baby blimp, Tory MP Michael Fabricant who often courts danger on twitter, retweeted a picture depicting mock-up of two pigs having sex.

One of the pigs had London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s face superimposed on it. It also shows US President Donald Trump in front of Parliament laughing with the caption; “Breaking news: Trump defeats Sadiq Khan in balloon wars..”

When retweeting it, the MP himself wrote; “Well, what can I say.”

This clear display of islamophobia was quickly picked up by users on twitter and he started to be blasted for the vile tweet. He soon deleted it and put an apology out saying;

“I deleted it as soon as I saw Sadiq Khan’s face on the picture. I did not see it was him. He may be a useless Mayor, but he’s a nice guy whom I worked with when he was in Parliament.”

Another Tory Islamophobia Scandal

Sayeeda WarsiConservative

Sayeeda Warsi says ‘nothing tangible has happened’ since she raised the issue of Islamophobia with her Tory colleagues.


Yet another Tory is embroiled in an islamophobia scandal. Fabricants claim that he; “did not see it was him (Khan),” does not really matter.

He is well aware that the London Mayor is muslim, and that pigs engaging in a sex act with reference to Khan would be considered islamophobic. That is the reason I am not hiding behind single quotation marks when I say; Michael Fabricant has shown himself to be islamophobic.

Former Conservative party co-chairman  has long called for for an inquiry into her parties “muslim problem.”

The Muslim Council of Britain has called for an inquiry; the Times published a leader urging the party to “set Muslim minds at rest”; the Muslim Women’s Network UK, British Muslims for Secular Democracy and others have supported calls for an inquiry and yet the Tories just ignore these calls.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid even went as far to say; “The Muslim Council of Britain does not represent UK muslims.” Which is odd considering he has previously praised the organisation.

Tories were quick to jump on the Labour anti-semitism bandwagon recently however, when it comes to their own party, it’s like butter wouldn’t melt.

How can UK muslims like myself, have faith in our political system if blatant occurences of islamophobia and racism are not properly investigated?

What next for Fabricant?

Michael Fabricant MP angry

Will Fabricant escape punishment?

I attempted to contact the Conservative Party HQ but was unable to get through. They  were probably enjoying themselves too much at Blenheim Palace at our expense to care about matters like this.

After all Fabricant often says what are desrcibed as “gaffs.” Saying; he “like to punch” a female TV presenter “in the throat,” seems more sinister than a gaff.

The MP has already been criticised this week after he dared the US to have a sniper shoot down the blimp that depicts US Donald Trump as a baby.

For a Member of Parliament not only to encourage the use of firearms on our streets but, encouraging a foreign power to do so, is reckless and honestly, ignorant.

In my opinion he should has the whip withdrawn immediately and face an investigation. If the Tories want to talk tough on racism and bigotry, they need to show they mean business.

Do I think that will happen? No.

He will probably escape with telling off and they’ll try to bury it. In private the ‘old boys club’ may even laugh about it. Nothing would surprise me these days.

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