Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns

David Davis has resigned as the Secretary for State for Exiting the European Union in what can only be seen as a blow to Theresa May.

Davis has threatened to quit before. But, Theresa May will have thought that following the Cabinet’s agreement on Friday backing her proposals for post Brexit customs arrangements, he may have considered staying on.

There are now reports that hardliner Tory Brexiteers may even challenge May for the Conservative leadership. Many people are throwing staunch Brexiteer, Jacob Rees-Mogg’s name into the ring. Maybe Davis quit so he can throw his own hat into the ring?

Just 48 MPs are needed to trigger a leadership ballot, and with Theresa May’s cabinet coming under fire from all angles in the last few weeks, is this the first domino to fall?

Letters calling for a no confidence vote, are said to be “piling up” with Graham Brady, Chairman of the influential 1922 Committee.

Just last week saw Esther McVey forced to apologise to Parliament for misleading them over findings of a National Audit Office report on Universal Credit. Despite this, she escaped punishment many believing May was attempting to avert a collapse.

Brexiteer Conservative MP Peter Bone supported David Davis’ decision to quit, saying he had “done the right thing” and that it was a “principled and brave decision”.

He added: “The PM’s proposals for a Brexit in name only are not acceptable.”

Sarah O’Grady, the wife of David Davis’ chief of staff Stewart Jackson, said: “Breaking. David Davis resigns.

“He decided he couldn’t sell out his own country. Resignation.”

It looks as if we may well be heading towards either a hard right government or another general election. I think we will know which one soon.

Will Theresa May still be the one greeting President Trump at the black tie event, when he arrives in the UK this week? I’m not so sure.

What is worrying is we could be heading for a Rees-Mogg or Johnson government and they won’t try to balance the party.

Alex Tiffin

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