Tory MP Fabrigant dares American Embassy in London to shoot down Trump baby blimp.

Tory MP Michael Fabrigant has caused outrage by challenging the US Embassy in London to shoot down the Trump baby blimp that is due to be flown when President Donald Trump visits next week.

Tory MP Michael Fabrigant

MP Michael Fabrigant is facing a backlash after he publicly challenged the US Embassy in London to shoot down the blimp of Donald Trump, that is due to be flown in protest to next weeks visit by the US President.

Fabrigant is no stranger to controversy on Twitter. In 2014 he tweeted that should he ever have to appear on a discussion program with journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown he; “would either end up with a brain haemorrhage or by punching her in the throat.” Whilst he later apologised, many believe it was only to save face and that he didn’t mean it.

With London facing it’s own issues with knife and gun crime, calling for gun use on the UK’s streets seems not only insensitive, but ignorant. After all this is just a group of people exercising their right to freedom of expression and freedom to peaceful protest.

Whether it is or isn’t in good taste, does not give anyone good reason to do this.

As you can see he has tagged in the US Embassy in London and the US Ambassador to the UK whose official title is; Ambassador to the Court of St James. Had this been a joke would he have done this?

The MP has remained defiant since putting the tweet out and has been mocking those who have criticised him on social media.

Some users are questioning if the MP has broken any laws. I mean, he has attempted to incite a foreign power into using live ammunition on the streets of London. Can you imagine the type of mass panic that this would cause.

Now, nobody for one second thinks that the US would go through with his ludicrous plan, even Donald Trump isn’t that stupid. I think so anyway.

The question is; should a man who is elected to represent the views of his constituents, and should be setting an example to them, be coming out with such ignorant views such as he has today?

Theresa May has had a tough few weeks, what with Esther McVey being caught lying to Parliament over the National Audit Office – (NAO) report on Universal Credit. Gavin Williamson failing to follow the MOD’s own security rules on switching off voice control on his smartphone and now she is facing a revolt over her plans for Brexit that were agreed on Friday.

In my opinion the whip should be removed from Mr Fabrigant and he be investigated. However considering May’s weakness I doubt much will happen at all.

Alex Tiffin

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