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  • FFFFFFor the sake of my pension fund you have to suffer.

  • i’d like you to meet my gf and try to persuade her you are helping. i’d like you to come with me to rethink meetings so you can see first hand the distress you cause. you can’t meet my gf cos she’s gone awol after being transferred to ESA, which is 13 weeks of nightmares, you can’t come to rethink because funding has been cut, along with closure of section houses that one family need for their autistic son. but you know all that because that’s exactly what your vindictive, persecuting policies aim to cause. there is a special place in heaven for your sort of christian.

  • I am on universal credit. It has worked great for me. They even paid me and my rent for a month when i found work. It’s great for those who are actually looking for work and really helps finacially when you find work. Not so great I guess for those who have no intention of ever finding a job. Yep I struggled at first a bit on it when I first claimed, it has its flaws but I have found it a great help genarally. Britain has to get rid of its benefits culture, those on benefits complain about migrants, if you got off your backsides migrants wouldn’t be needed. Benefits were suppose to be a safety net not a lifestyle choice.

    • So what about people who can’t work due to disability but are classed as fit by a non medical DWP assesor?

      It may work for people capable for work but for the sick and disabled it is causing destitution and hardship.

    • Some of us literally can’t work. I wish I could.

    • Not for those who have worked for years self employed who suddenly develop Cancer and can’t work even though they want too 8 weeks and nothing

    • Wait until your job ends,if job is for less than 6 months, you will be assessed under RTI rules which mean your last earnings will have to do you for 2 months. If over 6 months you will have to reapply and endure waiting period which will eat up any savings you have.. great system

  • Pip assessment is a joke.companys making money over people’s disabilities.

  • How can you sleep at night knowing children are going hungry and some homeless

  • McVey, you and your Government should be in prison for crimes against humanity.

  • I agree with envacream69. I’ve lost my PIP benefit AGAIN due to an astoundingly poor assessment. I win it back every time at tribunal, but I’ve been waiting for a tribunal date for 6 months now, without enough money to eat. Thank goodness for my friends, partners, and mother, but I’m 43 years old, and it’s humiliating having to borrow thousands from them, and knowing that it’ll probably take me years to pay it back.

    Beyond that, my mental health has suffered enormouly. I’ve self-harmed, planned to commit suicide, spent days/weeks in bed because of my depression, 50-60 hours at a time awake because of insanely high anxiety, and my chronic pain has gotten worse. I’ve lost the muscle I was putting on, my cardio fitness (such as it was) is gone, and although I was volunteering a few hours a week (doing some typing from bed) before that AR1 form showed up, I rapidly became far too ill for that, and let people down badly. My family, friends, partners are really worried about me, and check on me at least twice a day. Two of them come by with food and force me to eat it several times a week, because I stopped eating and lost a significant amount of weight. Your bloody benefits have pushed me so much further away from any chance of working, and this happens every few years. I’ll never get well enough to even consider working with this constant form-assessment-lose benefits-lose MR-wait for tribunal for ages as health goes down the tubes-win tribunal…. Rinse, repeat. You are torturing me, and many, many others. I get sicker every time, and at some point I’m just not going to be able to come back from it. You won’t care about one more suicide though, will you?

  • I would love to have an honest dialogue with her. One question I would ask is:
    Why doesn’t your department measure the effects of uc on Poverty(good and bad – willing to be open minded), particularly food poverty.
    At the moment, we’re relying on food banks to do the research, and your department appears to just reject the data out of hand.
    If you commission independent research, it would surely assist the rollout of uc in a safe manner.

  • AnAngryProfessional

    Oh Danaloue, Very good point!

    If the government helped these people instead of spending more than they save trying to stop them claiming benefits this situation wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad. My local Council (yes, a government building) had an emergency meeting for professionals when UC was being rolled it in order to ask how to minimise the destitution and poverty and the period of crisis that many will face due to its implementation. If a Council is this worried about its own residents what on Earth are the Gov thinking? Another thing is, UC needs to be applied online – how are people with Learning Disabilities supposed to manage the system? Especially those with limited support due to budget cuts? It sets people up to fail and NEEDS to be rethought.

    • One would think the government could work with local councils to assess some of the affects.
      Last night, I was walking in town, when I noticed someone drop a couple of pound coins. He didn’t stop to pick them up, as one was a pound, I picked it up and offered it to him. He replied it’s not mine, it’s not mine, it’s David Cameron’s, he then sort of screamed and walked off.
      It seemed obvious to me that he had serious mental health problems. He was in his 20s or 30s, and I did wonder if it had something to do with benefits.

      I guess the point I’m trying to make with that story, is there are a lot of people suffering, but we don’t know the extent of it. And their is a big risk that if the Government goes ahead with its proposals to start transferring existing esa etc recipitant to UC, without measuring the effects on existing claimants and fixing it for them first.
      I will seriously consider taking part in the government’s consultation.

      By the way, thanks for the kind reply Alex, and it’s really good what your doing on this site.

  • Mcvile, are you happy that my friend committed suicide due to your policy’s?

  • Your heading for a manslaughter charge, the blood of sick and vulnerable is on YOUR hans

  • Esther is causing my family to suffer financially and also healthy wise. I cant work at the moment but been found fit for work. There is no help from the #DWP. They simply DO NOT CARE. We dont know if we will be evicted. This must be a human rights issue. The best place for Esther is in court. Let the world see and hear the lies. Then sack her. Lock her up. Make her pay for pain and suffering. Theresa May too.

  • you are such an evil vile bitch ! go rot in hell !

  • 8 assessments since 2012 when they stopped money for ten months now its stopped again on 24 pain killers a day PAIN 24/7 DO YOU UNDERSTAND RIP MY FRIEND Leanne chambers

  • The two child tax credit policy is very shortsighted so many children are living in poverty now even within families that are working but are on low pay and this policy could affect future generations of children. Economic inequality is one of the most pernicious inequalities it affect health and well being outcomes to say the least. Children need and deserve the best start in life

  • How is the expense racket going ? Talk about bleeding the country. Shameless, you must be another “Christian” like Maggie May

  • Miss McVey, why have you not replied to correspondence sent to you by Mr Douglas Ross MP. on 24th May or are you going to make a statement then run away as you usually do in the House of Commons?
    Disgusted U.C. Claimant

  • My experience with that when it uses Real Time Information to assess benefit when a job ends. After my last contract ended in April, I had to wait until end of May to be paid due to works pay role. This payment was assess as earnings for June due to my assessment period leaving me without enough to pay rent let alone eat. This is penalising people on low wages, zero hour and short term employment contracts.

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