Next UC statement arrived and update

Just a quick update.

Well it’s that time of the month again. My next Universal Credit statement arrived. Just to show last month wasn’t a one off I thought I’d put it on here.

So as I explained before, as I live in Scotland, I am paid fortnightly. Therefore I’ll get half of the £190 on the 6th June.

I’m also enclosing the screen shot showing the £125 deduction, that is to repay the advance I got when I had to wait 7 week’s for my first payment. Also a tax credit overpayment and housing benefit overpayment are being recovered, but I have no Idea when for.

This fortnightly cycle won’t be the best if I’m honest.

On the 6th of June I’ll get £95.34

Immediately I’ll pay

  • Water and sewage rates – £30.45
  • Gas and electric – £30
  • Child Maintenance – £28

That will leave me with £6.89 for the fortnight. Because of were certain bills fall in the month, some will go unpaid until the next payment. This is just unfortunate.

Anyway this was just to show what this month’s income looks like.

Thank you for all the support. You’ve been very kind to me. I look forward to carry on providing interesting content to show how Universal Credit is unfit for purpose.

Plans this week

I may be quieter this week as my 4 month old has an appointment with his neurosurgeon to decide the next steps to treat his craniosynostosis.

I will keep you all updated on progress when I know more.

Hopefully the DVLA will have scanned on my medical forms so they can reinstate my driving licence. I have my 3 year old while my youngest is away to his hospital appointment 200 miles away so it’d be nice I if I could take him out.


Don’t forget the #FoodBankChallenge is always ongoing.

Check out your local foodbank website or social media accounts to see what items they are in need of most.

Have a great week.


I don’t get paid for what I do but I thourghly enjoy it. It has given me a new focus and has helped my mental health. If you’d like to support me by giving a donation you can via Paypal below. Regardless, I will continue to research and write hopefully, interesting content.