Update 15/05/18

Just a quick update as my health is a bit poor today.

Thank you everyone who has supported me and encouraged me to carry on.

I now have some food and can afford to heat myself thanks to a few people who have gifted through the page. It really makes a difference. Thank you. Really heartwarming.

Future plans

I’m going to keep writing new updates on my life but also more importantly the lives of others on UC. I have many people who want to share their experiences too.

The trolls have been out in force since my original tweets have become more prominent.

To all of them, thank you. You just make me want to carry on but with even more vigor. You’re a great motivational tool. A+


Anyway as I said my health today is not so good today, I am pretty much stuck in bed. But we all have bad days so no worries.

My next UC payment is even further than I expected because of the previous bank holiday. They really need to think about how this affects people. Especially those with children.

I should have my kids this weekend so I’m staying positive. It’s always something to look forward too. Love being a father.

Please don’t forget about the #foodbankchallenge you’ve all been doing so well.

I really am looking forward to helping raise awareness of the problem of DWP poverty.

Have a great week

Alex @RespectIsVital




  • So glad to hear this Alex. I was brokenhearted to hear that the trollers had got you so down. What sad people? they are. Sorry you’re not too well today. Can’t find the donate page & would like to do so – what shall I do?