Having to Justify TV & Broadband

If you’ve been following my twitter account @RespectIsVital, you may have seen my many trolls in regards to my; Life of a Universal Credit Sufferer thread.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s a series of daily updates were I list my expenditure. See below.

As you can see I list “TV licence” & “Broadband” as part of how that fortnights £92 was spent.

Well, this created some of the most vile and disgusting comments you can imagine.

Pay what you’re due

I’ve always been taught from a young age that you pay what you are due. TV licence is one of those things many people disagree with and, therefore refuse to pay it. I on the other hand do pay it. Why? Because I use the BBC’s services and thus I’m due to pay it. That’s just my opinion. There was plenty of “don’t pay for the state propaganda” comments too.

The BBC does have more than just news, and last time I checked, Blue Planet 2 wasn’t pushing a heavy Tory message in my face.

Attacks on my parenting

When answering the many questions on why I pay the TV licence, I would explain the above but also the main reason I use BBC services.

One of my sons is autistic and relies on TV programs to keep him calm. Cbeebies is one channel he uses.

I explained this and was told repeatedly: use YouTube, he can go without, what kind of parent let’s their kids rely TV and things I cannot put in here.

This astounded me. People were attacking me for my parenting now. At first this did really upset me but, I have learned to move past it now.

Is broadband a luxury in 2018?

The next thing people would point out is that broadband is a luxury and I’m being selfish to have it.

Firstly, and most importantly, I have to login everyday to my universal credit account or, I will not get paid, I would be sanctioned.

This did not deter them one bit. “Go to the library, use mobile data”, they’d snap.


  • My local library is 15 miles away.
  • My nearest bus stop is 3 miles away along a 60mph road with no footpath.
  • I’m in a wheelchair
  • To do that daily would cost more than the £15 per month broadband.

But they didn’t care. I was selfish and ungrateful. I do have a motability car adapted to my needs but I couldn’t afford to fuel that for a 30 mile round trip daily either.

In 2018 as many pointed out, broadband is a requirement not a luxury. I live in a rural area with no access to many services, mobile coverage is patchy so I rely on internet access via broadband.

How could a job seekers search and apply for jobs in this day and age without it? Not everyone can get to a library and also, libraries are being closed across the country due to public sector cuts.

Is this how our nation treats people now?

Some people would comment and, after I’d explained the situation, they’d apologize.

However mostly the ones who think I was being ungrateful, would just go on and on. Nothing would stop them.

My followers would attempt, (at first anyway), to explain my situation; I’m disabled and only want to raise awareness of a problem with a government service.

But the comments would get worse and the attacks would get more and more personal.

I find it alarming that in 2018 Britain people think it’s a) acceptable to attack someone in need & b) try to justify that as long as you have food, nothing else, you’re doing well.

To some I shouldn’t have even been getting that.

Lessons learnt

What this had taught me is that no matter how good your intentions are, how vulnerable, sick or penniless, there is always someone waiting to attack you for it.

I’ve learnt just to mute or block these people now, but also it has made me want to carry on more and prove them wrong.

Until the next time.


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